Roger Waters Gives Ultimatum About Cancel Culture

Roger Waters Gives Ultimatum About Cancel Culture | Society Of Rock Videos

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Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has been facing backlash due to his outspoken political views that led to the cancellation of his multiple shows in Germany and recently, the legendary musician gave an ultimatum, vowing to fight any further attempts to cancel his concerts.

In a recent interview with Meron Mendel for Der Spiegel, Waters made it clear that he is not afraid of the cancel culture and will continue to fight for his freedom of speech. Waters has always been known to speak out his stance about politics and human rights, but because of the views he shared criticizing the Israeli government’s actions towards Palestine, Waters is now facing allegations of antisemitism.

In the middle of the controversy, the rocker was caught in the crossfire with his former Pink Floyd bandmate David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, who is accusing him of antisemitism and being a Putin apologist. Despite this, Waters insisted that human rights should apply to everyone without picking out between countries or communities.

During the recent interview, Waters addressed the accusations of antisemitism and the complexities of human rights issues in Israel. He then expressed his passion for the matter and willingness to put his career on the line for his beliefs.

The musician stated that he is among the few in the rock industry who have stood up against injustice and noted that they can attempt to cancel all his shows in Germany, but he’ll surely not back down without a fight and take them to court. According to Waters, the cancellations of his concerts only send a message to the world that Germans don’t value human rights and freedom of expression.

When Meron Mendel asked him:

“Can’t you empathize with Israel’s certain concerns? Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. All around it are states that are hostile to Israel. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get Israelis to engage in dialogue?”

Waters responded:

“Meron, you sound like a very old, very, very broken record. That’s why I’m making movements here – like I’m pulling my hair out. No, it’s not complicated! Either we believe in equal human rights, or we don’t. You can’t say: ‘Of course, the Rohingya in Myanmar! Of course, the blacks in South Africa! But in Israel? No! Jews live there…,’ there is the Jewish state; it’s complicated.”

He added:

“Well, I am a passionate man, and this issue grieves me deeply. That’s why I’m in the firing line; that’s why my career could be on the line. Because I’m one of the few people in my business, who stands up for what he believes in – whatever happens.

For all I care, they can try to cancel every concert I do in Germany. I will fight them in court. It’s a tragedy for Germany that they even try. Because the message to the world is: ‘We Germans don’t care about human rights and freedom of expression.’”

Meanwhile, comedian Katie Halper started a petition for Waters’ canceled concerts to push through. Many known artists, including Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Eric Clapton, and former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel, have shown their support for Waters by signing the petition

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