Wolfgang Van Halen Gives Clarification About His Name

Wolfgang Van Halen Gives Clarification About His Name | Society Of Rock Videos

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Wolfgang Van Halen recently made a series of tweets that give clarification to his name and noted the path he is making for himself.

The rocker would often be compared to his late father, Eddie, and there are some people who criticize him for not “following” the legacy of playing Van Halen. Although he has his own band, Mammoth WVH, some Van Halen fans are not satisfied with it. WVH received criticisms on Twitter for not talking about Van Halen in interviews or not playing the band’s classics on shows.

WVH then stated that he didn’t play Van Halen songs to keep his integrity as a solo artist. He continued by pointing out that if he played Van Halen on shows, where people would label him as “Van Halen, Jr,” and when he didn’t play his father’s music, fans would blame him for disrespecting Eddie’s legacy.

Wolf made it clear that he couldn’t really care less about all of these criticisms as he has his own path and Mammoth WVH has new music on its way. He then tweeted about the criticism he received:

“Not playing VH to uphold my integrity as my own artist to build my own career and hating VH are two completely unrelated things that have no correlation in any capacity. It’s like some folks are incapable of basic thought. (Not you. Just the dummies I’m talking about.)

“But when you’re talking about these dummies, it’s just impossible to win, so why try? Either you be a Van Halen Jr., and people get pissed at you for riding coattails, or you don’t, and you’re disrespecting the legacy. It’s bonkers. I’m just doing my thing, man.

“If you’re cool with it and wanna check it out, go look at this Mammoth WVH or MammothWVH.com. If not? It’s no skin off my ass. There’s plenty of stuff for people to hate out there, and this can be one of em. Wait for 3.22 tho.”

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