10 Slang Expressions from the ’70s That Really Got on Our Nerves

10 Slang Expressions from the ’70s That Really Got on Our Nerves | Society Of Rock Videos

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The 70s were not just about disco and bell bottoms, but also about a language revolution, with phrases that stuck like gum under a school desk. Some of these words were catchy, others outright wild, but a few? Well, they were downright grating after a while! From expressions that sound groovy today to ones that will make you cringe slightly, let’s dive into the funky lingo of the era and double-check if any of these still ring any bells!


This phrase was the universal head-nod of the 70s. Used to confirm if someone was on board with an idea, “Can you dig it?” was the cooler, laid-back way of asking, “Do you understand or agree?” This was essential slang for any laid-back conversation by the school lockers or at a groovy house party. If everyone was agreeing to a plan, you’d hear this phrase bouncing around the room, making sure everyone was tuning into the same frequency.



“Hip” was the grandmaster of cool. If you were “hip,” you weren’t just cool, you were in; you got it. This wasn’t just about having the right threads or the shiniest disco ball, but also about carrying that air of confidence that screamed ‘70s swag. So next time you dust off dad’s old pictures and see him sporting some wild colors and bell bottoms, know he wasn’t just dressed cool, he was “hip.”



Long before the high five became the go-to gesture for every accomplishment or agreement, “Gimme Some Skin” ruled the roost. This was the ultimate show of camaraderie and casual agreement, often followed by an enthusiastic clapping of hands. More than just slapping palms, it was a ritual, a dance of hands that said more than words could – a sign you were friends in the true ‘70s spirit.



Oh, to be “The Man!” This was the ultimate compliment you could receive. If you were called this, you weren’t just cool, you were the cream of the crop, the top dog. Whether you aced a test, won a race, or got a date with the most coveted partner, being “The Man” meant you were admired and respected. It was a badge of honor, one that everyone in bell bottoms strived for.



Curiosity didn’t kill the cat in the ‘70s; it asked, “What’s the skinny?” This was your go-to for the scoop, be it benign school gossip or groundbreaking news. Using it was almost as enjoyable as hearing the juicy news itself. It was the ultimate conversation starter, transforming a dull chat into an intriguing dialogue faster than you can say disco.



Nothing captured the mix of sci-fi excitement and spiritual send-off quite like “May the force be with you.” Following the Star Wars craze, this became a parting phrase as ordinary as saying “good luck” or “take care.” Used liberally in almost every situation – from exams to casual farewells – it brought a part of galactic cool to mundane life, making every departure dramatic and hopeful.

AUDI 5000

When it came to making quick exits, “Audi 5000” was your ticket out. Derived from a notorious car issue turning into a popular phrase, it meant you were out – and fast. This saying was perfect for escaping boring classes, bad dates, or any situation where the back door was calling your name. It wasn’t just leaving; it was leaving with a cheeky hint of rebellion.



If you had the best, you had “Primo.” This wasn’t about second bests; this was the gold standard. Whether referring to the hottest discotheque, the best pizza in town, or the coolest pair of shades, calling something “Primo” meant it was unmatched. Everyone strived to have or be associated with something “Primo” – it meant you were the real deal.


For moments that genuinely caught you by surprise, a soft “Jeepers Creepers” expressed it all. This was the PG version of expressing astonishment, perfect for witnessing unexpected tricks, or seeing a friend’s new flashy outfit. It’s the quirky charm of this phrase that helped it endure way past the decade itself.



The cool cat’s way of saying goodbye. Using “See ya on the flipside” not only showed you were laid-back but also a little cryptic and vintage. Inspired by the flip side of a vinyl record, which often held the lesser-known tracks, using this phrase showed you were in on the deeper cuts of life. It was for those in the know, sealing conversations and farewells with a certain finesse that only the ‘70s lingo could offer.

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