1970’s Dance Moves – That Will Make You Cringe Now

1970’s Dance Moves – That Will Make You Cringe Now | Society Of Rock Videos

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Rock music in the 1970s dawned under a shadow with the tragic losses of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, icons of the preceding 1960s generation, both falling victim to drug overdoses. This somber beginning heralded a musical shift from the experimental hippie and psychedelic sounds of the 60s to the emergence of a more elaborate and ambitious genre: symphonic rock.

Yet, amidst this backdrop, the 1970s witnessed a burst of musical creativity. Disco music surged into the mainstream, igniting vibrant dance scenes in nightclubs with its flamboyant energy. At the same time, the decade witnessed the fragmentation of rock and roll into myriad subgenres, each imbued with its own distinctive characteristics, enriching the musical diversity. Pop music in the 70s became a melting pot of old and new influences, blending various genres and styles into its sonic tapestry.

The dance floors of 1970s America pulsated with the infectious rhythm of disco, epitomizing an era of exuberant expression. The discotheques became havens of lively movement, as revelers unleashed their energy to the beat of the music.

Leading the charge in disco dancing was the iconic Hustle, its variations ranging from Latin to American and street styles. Characterized by fluid footwork, kicks, rock steps, and expressive hand gestures, the Hustle embodied the essence of disco’s infectious groove.

In addition to the Hustle, a myriad of trendy dances took center stage in discotheques across the country. From the modified Hully-gully adaptation known as Hot Chocolate, to the Bus Stop, Night Fever, Roller Coaster, and Disco Duck, each dance exuded its own unique charm and style, all contributing to the vibrant groove of 1970s dance culture.

Watch the video below and take a nostalgic journey through the cringe-worthy yet endearing dance moves of the 1970s.

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