Revisiting 10 Journey Songs From The ’70s

Revisiting 10 Journey Songs From The ’70s | Society Of Rock Videos

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Best Moments

Although some of their most enduring tracks were released in the early ’80s, Journey also had several classic hits from the ’70s. They formed in 1973 but it wasn’t until they got singer Steve Perry onboard when they finally achieved massive commercial success. He made his debut with them in 1977 and it was clear from the get-go that they were a match made in music heaven.

Let’s take a look at their unforgettable hits in the 1970s.

10. Do You Recall (1979)

Talk about pure power! Steve Perry’s vocals is fire.

9. Too Late (1979)

Perry wrote it about a friend who has become a drug addict. He said, “The drugs were setting up housekeeping.”

8. Daydream (1979)

It has that dreamy feel and while the musicianship is stellar, it’s Perry’s voice that steals the spotlight.

7. When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)

Neal Schon lets loose with his brilliant guitarwork.

6. Lovin,’ Touchin,’ Squeezin’ (1979)

It’s the band’s first top 40 hit in the US. Written by Perry, it was inspired by an actual event – when he saw his girlfriend get out of a car and kiss the driver.

5. Just The Same Way (1979)

The layered harmony vocals is simply exquisite. It added more depth to the song.

4. Lights (1978)

The song is about San Francisco and it’s one of the first songs Perry sang for Journey. Perry explained, “I had the song written in Los Angeles almost completely except for the bridge and it was written about Los Angeles. It was ‘when the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on LA.’ I didn’t like the way it sounded at the time. And so I just had it sitting back in the corner. Then life changed my plans once again, and I was now facing joining Journey. I love San Francisco, the bay, and the whole thing. ‘The bay’ fit so nice, ‘When the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay.’ It was one of those early-morning-going-across-the-bridge things, when the sun was coming up and the lights were going down. It was perfect.”

3. Anytime (1978)

Written before Perry joined Journey, Schon recalled: “Gregg Rolie was doing Bing Crosby – you know, ‘ooh, ooh.’ And I’d listened to lots of Beatles records when I was a kid, so I just went ‘Anytime that you want me.’ It came out real easy in rehearsal.”

2. Feeling That Way (1978)

This was initially an instrumental titled “Velvet Curtain” which they later abandoned. Eventually, Rolie got back to it and added words then renamed it to “Please Let Me Stay.” It was shelved at the last minute. After Perry joined, Rolie rewrote it again and shared the lead vocal duties with Perry.

1. Wheel in the Sky (1978)

One of their finest moments, it began as a poem titled “Wheels In My Mind”. It was their first single with Perry that eventually became a staple in their live repertoire.

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