Bruce Kulick Quits Grand Funk Railroad

Bruce Kulick Quits Grand Funk Railroad | Society Of Rock Videos

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Bruce Kulick has officially left Grand Funk Railroad after an impressive 23-year tenure. His final performance with the band took place on December 14 in Marietta, Ohio.

Turning 70 in the same month prompted the former Kiss guitarist to reflect on his future. In an interview, Kulick explained:

“I’ve always loved playing with Grand Funk for all of those years, but all of that travel for most weekends of every month, all year, the time involved became more and more difficult.”

In the interview, Kulick expressed his plans for 2024, shifting his focus toward personal and creative pursuits. He eagerly anticipates engaging in various projects, including crafting new solo music and considering the possibility of writing a memoir.

Exciting Prospects for Kiss Fans

While nothing is confirmed, Kulick is enthusiastic about potential opportunities, particularly the chance to celebrate his era with Kiss. He marvels at the ongoing recognition of his past work with the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, emphasizing the continued appreciation from new generations.

In the first part of the interview, Kulick delves deeper into the reasons behind his departure from Grand Funk and shares insights into why his potential memoir won’t follow the sensationalistic style of “The Dirt.”

Reflecting on the Decision to Leave Grand Funk

During the interview, Kulick provided additional insights into his decision to part ways with Grand Funk Railroad. He acknowledged that for the past 23 years, constant touring with the band had been a significant part of his career. The demanding schedule, with performances scattered throughout the year, led him to reevaluate his priorities.

Kulick highlighted the challenges of extensive travel, especially for someone based on the West Coast. The pandemic offered him a pause to assess his priorities, and he realized that he wanted to shift his focus to more personal and creative endeavors.

The guitarist emphasized that he’s not retiring but wants to concentrate on his legacy, career, and meaningful projects. He expressed gratitude for the support from his Kiss fans and his desire to continue celebrating his era with the band.

Looking Ahead: New Ventures and Creative Pursuits

As Kulick looks forward to the future, he shares his excitement about potential projects. These include creating new solo music, working on a long-awaited book, and exploring other creative avenues. Kulick expressed a desire to maintain a balance between personal and professional life, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the creative process without the demanding touring schedule.

A Different Approach

Discussing his earlier contemplation of writing a memoir, Kulick revealed that about 20 years ago, there were initial discussions about a book. However, the timing wasn’t right, and publishers were seeking a sensationalized approach akin to tell-all narratives. Kulick expressed his reluctance to create a book focused on negativity and controversies, emphasizing his intention to celebrate his journey and share behind-the-scenes stories without tearing down others.

Assisting in the Shift

Regarding Grand Funk Railroad’s transition to a new guitarist, Kulick mentioned his positive experiences with the band and praised their consistent lineup over the years. He acknowledged his role in assisting the new guitarist during the transition, highlighting the band’s strength in understanding their respective roles and maintaining a cohesive vision for Grand Funk’s survival.

Don Brewer’s leadership was commended, and Kulick expressed gratitude for the enjoyable experience of playing alongside the band’s drummer for many years. Despite the challenges, Kulick emphasized the incredible resilience of Don Brewer, who, at 75, continues to sing, play drums, and lead Grand Funk Railroad with unwavering energy and skill.

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