The Story Of Why Robert Plant Is Embarrassed Of His 80s Songs

The Story Of Why Robert Plant Is Embarrassed Of His 80s Songs | Society Of Rock Videos

via Robert Plant/YouTube

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Robert Plant reflected on his solo music journey, particularly the works from the ’80s that had once left him feeling upset. However, with the release of his new compilation, Digging Deep, Plant sees his solo career in a different light, recognizing it as a positive narrative spanning four decades since the era of Led Zeppelin.

Recalling his ventures into the ’80s techno revolution, Plant humorously admitted to feeling a mix of horror and amusement when looking back at that period. He acknowledged the boldness with which he embraced new musical directions, despite the eventual embarrassment it brought. Plant highlighted the significance of his 1993 album, Fate of Nations, as a pivotal moment where he began to find his footing creatively.

Plant emphasized his conscious effort to bid farewell to the ’70s, a decade marked by Led Zeppelin’s monumental success but also personal tragedies including the loss of his son in Greece, a severe car accident and John Bonham’s tragic death in 1980. Despite the pain, Plant emphasized the necessity of moving forward, “There was a lot of pain and quite a lot of pleasure, but you’ve got to move on.”

Reflecting on the diverse genres explored in Digging Deep, Plant quipped about the relentless creativity that characterized his songwriting process. He humorously pondered whether the younger version of himself ever took a break or considered learning something new like applied mathematics or astronomy.

Describing the compilation as exuding confidence while acknowledging underlying uncertainties, Plant emphasized that these songs were born from moments of spontaneity in rehearsal rooms. He recognized that while they may not match the grandeur of classics like Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” they hold their own significance in capturing the essence of their time.

Ultimately, Digging Deep serves as a testament to Plant’s enduring musical journey, showcasing the evolution of his artistry and the fearless exploration of new sonic territories. As he continues to reflect on his past while embracing the present, Plant’s musical legacy remains an ever-evolving tapestry of musical creativity and innovation.

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