Ozzy Osbourne Admits There’s Only One Best Guitarist For Him

Ozzy Osbourne Admits There’s Only One Best Guitarist For Him | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic figure often referred to as the Prince of Darkness, recently disclosed his opinion on the best guitarist he’s ever had the privilege of playing alongside, and the honor goes to none other than his Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi.

In a candid exchange with his friend and podcast co-host Billy Morrison, Osbourne didn’t hold back, emphatically stating:

“Iommi was and is the best fucking guitar player I’ve ever played with.”

This revelation emerged during a teaser clip for their latest podcast endeavor, The Madhouse Chronicles, where Morrison delved into the notion of what makes an artist truly iconic, noting the elusive quality that sets certain musicians apart. Osbourne echoed this sentiment, drawing from his vast experience performing Black Sabbath classics like “Paranoid,” “Children of the Grave,” and “War Pigs.” Despite others being able to replicate the notes, Osbourne highlighted the incomparable brilliance of Iommi’s playing, describing him as “fucking great.”

Ozzy’s Top Solo Guitarist

Interestingly, Osbourne’s admiration for Iommi isn’t a recent development. In late 2019, he had lauded the late Randy Rhoads as the “best” guitarist he collaborated with during his solo career. Reflecting on Rhoads’ multifaceted musical talents and patience, Osbourne underscored their fruitful partnership and Rhoads’ instrumental role in shaping his solo endeavors.

Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison: A Dynamic Duo

Meanwhile, Morrison, recognized for his stint with Billy Idol’s band and his recent solo album, “The Morrison Project,” has forged a strong camaraderie with Osbourne, extending beyond their musical collaborations. Their joint venture into podcasting with The Madhouse Chronicles serves as a platform for their candid discussions, spanning topics ranging from music and Black Sabbath lore to their shared fascination with extraterrestrial phenomena.

As Osbourne and Morrison continue to explore the depths of their creative synergy through podcasting, their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s musical contributions remain unwavering. Their partnership not only enriches the podcasting landscape but also serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of rock ‘n’ roll camaraderie.

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