11 Pics Of Bon Jovi That Will Make You Blush

11 Pics Of Bon Jovi That Will Make You Blush | Society Of Rock Videos

Don’t Hold Your Breath!

We’ve filled our walls with life-size posters of the very beauty of his existence and why not? He’s the total package – that beautiful raspy voice oozing with sexiness and his godly, almost-ethereal looks. If you need any reminder why Bon Jovi will be our perpetual crush, here are all 11 of them:

1. Because he looks every bit like the rock god he is.




















The only acceptable time to wear snakeskin boots, TBH.

2. Because he… oh lord… when he… I don’t know where I’m going with this. Can someone please give him a shirt?!

Or not.. Actually, just let him be.

3. Because he makes you envy his couch.

That should be me! Oh wait…

4. Because he makes oversized sweaters look so dang sexy.

I think there’s still room for another one… 😛

5. Because he can see through your soul.

Thank God for the gift of eyesight.

6. Because he blessed us with a peek of his biceps.

For research purposes, I may need to touch that to verify if it’s real.

7. Because no one can pull off the ‘denim on denim’ look better than him.

You know, he can wear rags and still make us drool.

8. Because he’s effortlessly hot. Did somebody turn off the A/C?

That lip bite will be the death of me.

9. Because his fabulous hair is too good for this world.

“Hey babe, what’s taking you so long?”

10. Because looking that good should be a crime.

He should be sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment in my room.

11. Because like fine wine, he gets better with age.

And like wine, you just can’t get enough of him.


Even when he’s not impressed, he’s a sight to behold.


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