Nancy Wilson Reveals Jealousy For Fleetwood Mac

Nancy Wilson Reveals Jealousy For Fleetwood Mac | Society Of Rock Videos

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Nancy Wilson reminisced about Heart’s early days, revealing a tinge of envy toward Fleetwood Mac’s soaring success during the ’70s.

Speaking on the Broken Record podcast, Wilson vividly recalled observing Fleetwood Mac’s dominance as Heart was just beginning to establish itself in the music scene. Wilson confessed:

“Watching Fleetwood Mac’s monumental rise while Heart was still trying to find its footing was tough.
“They had Rumours out there…we were just trying so hard to make an album and get out there and get a tour or whatever, and they were all over the radio.”

Wilson’s admiration for Fleetwood Mac wasn’t solely about their commercial achievements; she also admired their musical synergy, especially the harmonies of the two female vocalists. She explained:

“I felt a pang of jealousy because Fleetwood Mac had two women whose voices blended effortlessly, along with the acoustic guitar vibe that I thought I was bringing to our band.
“It felt like they had already captured what we were striving for, and it was frustrating.”

Ann’s Talent: Heart’s Saving Grace

However, Wilson’s worries proved unfounded as Heart charted its own unique path in the music industry, distinct from Fleetwood Mac’s shadow. She attributes much of Heart’s distinctiveness to her sister, Ann Wilson, whose powerful vocals set them apart. Wilson reflected:

“The muscle and the power that she possesses and the way she sings is completely its own thing. So lucky for us, we had Ann.”

In hindsight, Wilson acknowledges that Heart’s journey was defined by its own strengths, with Ann’s vocals anchoring their sound and allowing them to explore a diverse range of musical styles.

“Not just soft rock. We had hard rock, so we could rock very hard and as quietly as well. So we probably had a lot more versatility or something.”

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