10 Memorable Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solos

10 Memorable Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solos | Society Of Rock Videos


Eddie Van Halen, known for his guitar mastery and stage presence, remains one of the most celebrated rock guitarists of the past four decades. Let’s commemorate his talent with a look at 10 unforgettable guitar solos.

1. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Originally intended as a parody, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” from Van Halen’s debut album became a fan favorite with its raw energy and powerful solo, which even influenced bands like Green Day.

2. Eruption
Clocking in at just over a minute, “Eruption” showcases Eddie Van Halen’s lightning-fast fingers and innovative tapping technique, initially recorded as a spontaneous warm-up for the band’s debut album.

3. Hot For Teacher
Highlighted by a chaotic solo, “Hot For Teacher” from the album 1984 exemplifies Eddie’s ability to blend technical prowess with melodic phrases, showcasing his songwriting skills alongside his guitar mastery.

4. Jump
Despite being dominated by synthesizers, “Jump” from the album 1984 features Eddie’s iconic guitar solo, blending bluesy stretches with lightning-fast arpeggios.

5. Beat It
Eddie’s iconic solo on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” was recorded in just a couple of takes, showcasing his signature style with intricate licks and masterful use of the vibrato lever.

6. Panama
Contrary to its suggestive lyrics, “Panama” from the album 1984 is actually about a car, but Eddie’s solo injects the song with adrenaline, featuring Chuck Berry-inspired double stops and lightning-fast tapping licks.

7. Dreams
With “Dreams” from the album 5150, Eddie demonstrates restraint and mastery with a more mainstream solo, complementing Sammy Hagar’s vocals while showcasing his versatility.

8. Right Now
“Right Now” delves into serious topics, but Eddie’s solo adds a touch of excitement with its flashy motions and catchy melodies, perfectly fitting the tone of the song.

9. Humans Being
Despite internal tensions within the band, “Humans Being” features a stellar guitar solo by Eddie, showcasing his signature techniques and adding depth to the track.

10. Spanish Fly
Departing from his usual electric guitar style, “Spanish Fly” demonstrates Eddie’s versatility with an acoustic solo, showcasing his skillful fingerpicking in a memorable instrumental track.

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