5 Artists Who Were Utterly Snubbed From This Year’s Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Class!

5 Artists Who Were Utterly Snubbed From This Year’s Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Class! | Society Of Rock Videos

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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda….

Another year has passed, and the ballots are in for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017. This year’s inductees include Yes, Journey, Pearl Jam, ELO and Tupac Shakur. Although each of the five nominees for this year’s class rightfully deserve the nomination, there are a few bands that were eligible that we just can’t seem to fathom why they were left out! So, here is our list of the five bands that were snubbed from induction this year!

5. The Zombies


The Zombies are one of those bands that have been eligible for a long while, but have only been nominated for a few times. The band reached eligibility in 1989, but in the 27 years since, they’ve only been nominated twice! One main reason we can think of as to why this has been the case, is the time period their uprising was in. The Zombies climb to relevancy was taking place during the British invasion, so they were kind of lost amongst names like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Animals and The Who. The Zombies weren’t necessarily as big as those other aforementioned bands, therefore many people seem to forget about them.

But that doesn’t necessarily justify why the’ve been swept under the rug all of these years. It could just be that the Rock Hall feels their impact wasn’t that significant. Unfortunately, going 2 of 27 in terms of years you are nominated vs years you’re eligible isn’t necessarily promising. That isn’t the band’s fault by any means, but maybe the voters just feel they aren’t Rock N’ Roll worthy. We hope that’s not the case, because as far as we’re concerned, they deserve to be in!


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