10 Slang Terms That Defined the 90s

10 Slang Terms That Defined the 90s | Society Of Rock Videos

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Put on your nostalgic glasses because we’re rolling back the clock to a time when the internet dialed up with the screechy song of connection, and Grunge ruled the airwaves. The 90s were more than just dope tracksuits and neon colors; words were fly, phrases were phat, and if you don’t remember them, well, you probably weren’t there. Here’s the ultimate list of 10 slang terms that every 90s kid tossed around like Beanie Babies.

As if!

Picture this – you just heard the most outrageous claim and can’t even entertain the idea. “As if!” is the succinct, almost cheeky response that rolls off your tongue. It screams disbelief with a side of sass. Cher Horowitz of “Clueless” made sure we knew just how incredulous we could sound with this zinger.



It’s the verbal high-five you give yourself when something goes exactly the way you want. Euphoria has seeped into your bones, and the only word big enough to capture the moment is “Booyah!” With its roots in sports, it became a celebratory exclamation for victories big and small.


Open Up A Can of Whoop-Ass

This isn’t just trash talk; it’s the big leagues of verbal warnings. You don’t just casually open a can of whoop-ass; this phrase is reserved for moments when you’re absolutely ready to go all-in, defending your honor like a knight in puffy sneakers and denim.


Step Off

Imagine a world where your personal space is sacred, but someone keeps invading it. Instead of getting physical, you drop a “Step Off” – a verbal boundary that’s both a plea and a command, oozing with the coolness of someone who won’t be messed with.


That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!

Sure, your name is your identity, but when someone’s repeating it more than a broken record, you toss them this line. It’s a playful jab, coated in the casual annoyance of over-familiarity. It’s semi-ironic personal branding before hashtags were a thing.



There you are, enjoying the rollercoaster of good vibes, when something or someone slams the brakes. “Buzzkill” is the term that perfectly encapsulates that crash – it’s the anti-fun police, the rain on your parade. It’s so 90s that you can practically hear a floppy disk drive grinding in the background.


So, sue me!

You’ve stepped over the line, maybe borrowed your friend’s favorite CD without asking, and now you find yourself taking an exaggerated stance against their mock indignation. “So sue me!” is the tongue-in-cheek retort that brushes off any accusation with a smirk. It flirts with rebellion in the most suburban way possible.


What’s the dealio?

Asking “What’s happening?” is so dull, but “What’s the dealio?” – now that’s like asking for the 411 with extra style points. It’s playful curiosity, an invitation to share the latest gossip or story, all while keeping it smooth and cool.


Jack you up

This phrase comes with a side of grit and a punch of attitude. It’s the rough and tumble cousin of “open up a can of whoop-ass,” promising an intense confrontation if you keep pushing buttons.


Dang it!

It’s the exclamation of mild frustration, the all-ages-friendly cousin of a swear word. It’s what you say when life throws you a curveball, and all you can do is sigh and reset. It’s that moment when things go sideways, and all you’ve got is this phrase and a shake of the head.

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