9 ’90s Commercials You Can’t Forget

9 ’90s Commercials You Can’t Forget | Society Of Rock Videos

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Certain TV tunes can instantly send us back to the 1990s. Remember “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight” or “You’re Gonna Love It In An Instant?” If you’re old enough, you likely saw these ads during breaks in shows like “Friends” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane with the following ads!

Ragu’s “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight”

This catchy ad featured an earworm of a jingle that had everyone singing along. The commercial was simple yet effective, showing various families and chefs energetically dancing while preparing chicken dishes with Ragu’s sauce. It wasn’t just about the sauce; it was a cultural moment that made chicken marsala and other chicken dinners more exciting. The ad’s energy and catchy tune brought a sense of joy and simplicity to meal prep, reminding viewers of the fun that could be had in the kitchen.

Nestle’s Cold War-Themed Ad

In a playful nod to the end of the Cold War, Nestle presented an ad that depicted a Soviet submarine surfacing to ask for a Nestle Crunch bar. This commercial stood out for its humorous take on international relations, using the universal love for chocolate to bring together two diverging worlds. It was a light-hearted reminder of peace and the shared joys that can unite us all, wrapped up in the simple act of enjoying a chocolate bar. The underlying message seemed to be that sweetness and laughter could bridge gaps, making it a memorable piece of ’90s advertising.

The Sunny Delight Ad

This advertisement struck a chord with its portrayal of a common household scene — kids raiding the refrigerator after playing outside. The highlight was the choice between SunnyD and the mysterious “purple stuff,” with SunnyD always winning out. This ad cleverly captured the essence of childhood and the simple decisions that felt so important at the moment. It was not just a commercial for a drink but a slice of life that many could relate to, making Sunny Delight a staple in fridges across America.

Carnation Instant Breakfast Ad

This commercial takes viewers back with its showcase of ’90s technology and fashion, making it a nostalgic trip for many. It advertised a quick, nutritious breakfast option for the busy family, emphasizing how life could be both fast-paced and healthy. With its upbeat tone and promise of convenience, the ad appealed to parents and kids alike, promising a good start to the day without the hassle. The old computers and hairstyles featured added a layer of charm that only enhances the nostalgia for viewers today.

The 1995 Duracell Commercial – “The Puttermans”

The Puttermans were a family of mannequins powered by Duracell batteries, and their adverts were more than a little eerie. Their unnerving appearance and robotic movements were unforgettable, making the commercial stand out in the minds of anyone who saw it. Despite its scare factor, the ad was effective in delivering its message — that Duracell batteries were reliable and long-lasting, powering even the creepiest of family members without fail.

Pringles Slogan Introduction in 1997

When Pringles unveiled its “Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop” slogan, it brought a new level of excitement to snacking. The ads featured lively parties and gatherings where a can of Pringles was the center of fun, suggesting that opening a can would bring joy and energy to any situation. It was a simple yet effective concept that linked Pringles to positive experiences and social moments, making the brand synonymous with good times and tasty snacks.

Bagel Bites in 1995

Bagel Bites captured the essence of ’90s snacking with its unforgettable jingle, “Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the Evening.” The ad showcased the product as the perfect anytime snack, blending the convenience of bagels with the delicious appeal of pizza. It targeted kids and teenagers, promising a quick and tasty option that fit perfectly into their busy, fun-filled lives. The catchy tune and the promise of pizza anytime made Bagel Bites a go-to snack, embedding it in ’90s culture.

The Grey Poupon Ads

These commercials stood out for their sophistication and humor, depicting upscale individuals asking one another, “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” The ad played on the perception of Dijon mustard as a luxury item, making it both aspirational and accessible. The recurring theme of sharing a rarefied condiment between two polite, well-to-do drivers added a touch of class and whimsy to the product, making Grey Poupon synonymous with refined taste and a bit of playful snobbery.

The “Eat Me” Guy from Timmy’s Tummy

This ad took a bizarre turn into memorability with its talking stomach character urging people to feed it. Though strange, the commercial was effective in its uniqueness, grabbing attention and making the brand stand out in a crowded market. It played on the universal experience of hunger cravings in a humorously exaggerated way, creating buzz and laughter. Despite its oddity, or perhaps because of it, the “Eat Me” Guy remains one of the more memorable ad characters from the ’90s.

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