Jimi Hendrix – “Stone Free” and “Hey Joe” Live

Jimi Hendrix – “Stone Free” and “Hey Joe” Live | Society Of Rock Videos

Powerful Rhythm and Exceptional Depth

Jimi Hendrix is more than a music icon. He has become a big influence to several artists and he continues to be one of the greatest guitarists the world has ever known. His distinctive style and outrageous techniques (such as playing with his teeth or playing with the guitar on his back) made him even more popular. He would play his Strat upside down not just for show but also since he was left-handed.

Hendrix’s more outrageous guitar techniques, such as playing with his teeth, behind his back, and without touching the strings, amazed his audiences and contributed to his reputation as a showman.

Throughout his entire career, he has amassed several global hits which are now timeless classics. This particular video is a footage of him playing two crowd favorites — “Stone Free” and “Hey Joe.” Listening to these live versions gives me the chills — imagine if you were part of that crowd. That would’ve been such an amazing experience! And since Jimi Hendrix has a unique style in playing the guitar, other musicians try to imitate how he does it.

A key element to capturing the Hendrix vibe is to seamlessly shift between phrases built from even, or “straight,” 16th notes to phrases played with a triplet feel, either through the use of steady 16th-note triplets or leaning on the swing feel of an eighth- note/16th-note figure within a triplet bracket.

Jimi has contributed a lot to music. From his songs to his guitar skills — he is a genius!


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