7 Singers Whose Voices Didn’t Stand the Test of Time

7 Singers Whose Voices Didn’t Stand the Test of Time | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ever heard a song from back in the day and thought, “Hmm, that voice has seen better days”? Well, you’re not alone. Here’s a roundup of seven singers who, let’s just say, might not win “The Voice” if they auditioned today.

Roger Waters


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Once a big shot in Pink Floyd, Waters’ voice kinda sounds like he’s always a bit grumpy now. Like he’s complaining about the neighbor’s cat, again. His once commanding stage presence and hauntingly beautiful vocals defined an era of rock music, but time has a way of adding gravel to even the smoothest roads. It’s as though Waters’ voice decided to age in a rather distinguished manner, picking up more character than a barrel-aged whiskey. And sure, his voice carries stories, wisdom, and a bit of a perpetual sneer at the modern world, but it’s less “Us and Them” and more “Me, and my lawn.”

Bob Dylan


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Dylan’s voice was never about smooth tones, more like a gravel road on a bumpy ride. These days, it’s as if that road has seen a few more landslides. The man’s a poet, a legend, and his voice was the soundtrack to countless social movements, capturing the rawness of emotion like no other. Now, it feels like his vocal cords have embraced every texture imaginable, turning every performance into an exhibit of survival. Listening to Dylan sing now is like hearing the history of folk and rock in one voice, soaked with the wisdom of the ages, even if it means cracking a bit at the seams.

Elton John

Elton, oh Elton, the piano man with jazzy glasses. His fingers still magic, but his voice? It’s like it’s stuck at a high note, and can’t come down. John has dazzled audiences for decades, not just with his flamboyant costumes but with a vocal range that seemed to know no bounds. Time, however, plays tricks even on the greatest of talents. Today, Sir Elton’s performances are a touching reminder of the glory days, though his voice now takes the scenic route to hit those once-effortless notes. Nonetheless, there’s something beautifully defiant in the way he continues to belt out classics, standing as proof that passion can carry a tune even when the voice falters.

Neil Diamond


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“Sweet Caroline” might still boom at parties, but Diamond’s voice? It’s less “so good, so good” and more “so, um, aged?” Diamond’s baritone was once smooth enough to make velvet jealous. These days, his performances are more like a cozy, slightly worn blanket. It’s warm, familiar, and though it’s seen better days, it’s still a favorite. Neil’s voice has matured, carrying with it the gravitas of a life fully lived, and while it may have lost some of its gloss, it’s gained in character what it’s lost in polish.

Alice Cooper

The king of shock rock, Cooper’s voice was the soundtrack for rebellious teens. Now, it’s more like the soundtrack for “When are we having tea?” Once known for his theatrical shock rock tactics, Alice Cooper’s voice could curdle blood. Nowadays, it’s as if he’s more likely to be found recounting tales of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery over a game of golf rather than on a gory stage set. His vocal edge may have softened, but the spirit of rebellion still flickers within. It’s a gentle reminder that time spares no one, not even those who once feigned guillotines and boa constrictors as stage props.

Rod Stewart


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Stewart’s raspy charm was all the rage. These days, the rasp is still there, but it’s less “hot legs” and more “warm socks.” Stewart’s gritty voice and energetic performances made him a star, a voice that could make a wine stain seem like a badge of honor on a white carpet. Age has added a bit more rasp and a bit less spring to his step, but the charm remains. Listening to him now is like enjoying a vintage car; it’s not about the speed anymore, it’s about the style. And Rod still posesses style in spades, even if it’s a bit more seasoned.

Steven Tyler

Tyler screeched and howled his way into our hearts. Now, when he hits those high notes, it feels like even he’s surprised he made it. The Aerosmith frontman with lips that could probably qualify for their own zip code and a voice that could rival a siren’s call, Tyler’s performances were a flamboyant spectacle of vocal prowess. As the years have worn on, the surprise isn’t just on his face when he nails a high note; it’s shared by the audience, a collective gasp of nostalgia-meets-admiration. His voice may have lost some of its shine, but the magic? It’s definitely still there, sporadic and surprising as ever.

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