How Much Is Ronnie Van Zant’s Hat Worth? Guy Tries Selling It To Pawn Shop

How Much Is Ronnie Van Zant’s Hat Worth? Guy Tries Selling It To Pawn Shop | Society Of Rock Videos

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We have mixed feelings about this video. When the guy started telling the story of how Ronnie Van Zant himself put that hat in his head, we were about to shed manly tears. It’s every Lynyrd Skynyrd fan’s ultimate dream. Heck dude. Give us a hug while you’re at it! Come on, when you’re face to face with a Rock God, what else would you do right? And so of course, here’s the plot twist: (drum roll please) guy tries to sell the hat.


The guy tries selling the hat for $25,000. The store will take it but for only $10,000. The guy’s story is that after standing in the front row at a concert, one of the staff slaps a backstage-pass on his chest. He goes to the back room where Ronnie looks at him, takes off his hat and sticks it on the guy’s head and says “How’s THAT?!”. The only thing holding the shop from buying is there is no official documentation or proof that it did belong to Ronnie Van Zant. However, it most likely is the hat as it seems to be custom made and is exactly like the one Ronnie always wears in photos/footage. Also note, it’s 100% beaver skin. How cool is that!

However, we have to say, that hat is PRICELESS!!!

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