Why Did Ronnie Van Zant Go Barefoot On Stage? What We Found…

Why Did Ronnie Van Zant Go Barefoot On Stage? What We Found… | Society Of Rock Videos

The Answer Might Surprise You!

Okay, so we’ve seen him rock the stage without any shoes on (he rarely puts them on!). And at some point, we all wondered WHY. Is Ronnie starting a new trend? Is he doing it to look cool? To catch our attention? Is it a trademark just like Angus Young’s school boy uniform? Or maybe for some weird reason, it makes Ronnie perform better? We have so many theories and the answer, according to Gary, is actually simple, obvious and practical in some ways.


“He didn’t like shoes, they always bothered him. He’d kick them off whenever we were practicing or anywhere else he could. I think because it was just always so hot where we were in Florida. We noticed some people not wearing shoes on stage, like the singer from Three Dog Night and there were a few others. Shoes bothered Ronnie anyway. We all thought it looked cool.” — Gary Rossington

That’s it, folks. A lot of hardcore fans sometimes asked. It’s not for your amusement, it’s for the comfort of this good ‘ole Southern guy. Besides, who needs shoes when you’re Ronnie Van Zant right? BRB, taking off my pair of cowboy boots right about now.

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