Watch Elton John Sits Down For An Exclusive Interview With Joni Mitchell

Watch Elton John Sits Down For An Exclusive Interview With Joni Mitchell | Society Of Rock Videos

In a special episode of Rocket Hour by Apple Music, Elton John had a chance to do a rare and personal interview with the legendary Joni Mitchell. The two have discussed the stories of some of Mitchell’s classic tracks, her personal favorites from other artists, her experience performing at the Newport Folk Festival with Brandi Carlile, and all other things related to her growth as an artist.

John introduced himself and his special guest saying:

“Hi this is Elton John, this is my ‘Rocket Hour’ on Apple music. I’ve had some amazing programs since I started about six years ago, but today is the most amazing program yet because my guest is Joni Mitchell. I absolutely adore her I never really knew her until the last five or six years and it’s been one of the greatest things in my life to be present and see her and have fun with her and laugh with her and tease her because I just absolutely fall in love with her, I was already in love with her but now I’m totally in love with her.”

John then started asking about Mitchell’s song “Carey” from her album Blue. Mitchell confirmed that the song was written for someone she knew in Matala, way back when she traveled to Athens. She recalled:

“When we were walking down the street, the girl [Penelope] I was traveling with… would say to us ‘Shippy Shippy Matala Matala,’ in which I found out meant ‘hippie hippie go to Matala’ that’s where the hippies are.”

Mitchell decided to go to Matala. When they were standing at the ocean’s edge, looking out towards Turkey, Penelope talked about her namesake Penelope and Ulysses. It was a story in Mythology about the woman whose husband is away. Penelope in that story was always surrounded by suitors while she’s weaving a tapestry. Her suitors keep on asking her “when will you tell us who you choose?” and she’ll always answer them, “when I finished my tapestry.”

The song was released in 1971 but became even more popular when it was reissued in 1996. Mitchell also recalled doing it in a live performance with Carlile. That moment became hard for her to forget because Carlile sang the whole album without a teleprompter.

Next on John’s list was “Amelia.” The song was basically about Mitchell’s journey going to San Francisco wherein she met a couple of fellas whose car has broken down and she bought a secondhand Mercedes for them to continue the journey. According to Mitchell, she had written most of the songs for the album during this trip.

Aside from “Carey” and “Amelia,” they’ve also discussed her top 3 picks when it comes to Mitchell’s favorites like the “Charleston Alley” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Watch the full interview in the video below.

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