Watch Colin Hay Talks About Ringo and The Beatles In Amazing Interview

Watch Colin Hay Talks About Ringo and The Beatles In Amazing Interview | Society Of Rock Videos

via Vinyl Rewind / Youtube

Colin Hay, talked about his time playing in Ringo Starr‘s All-Starr Band and his favorite Beatles record in an interview on Vinyl Rewind.

Talking about the Beatles albums he have, Hay shared:

“I listened to the Beatles, dare I say, in the correct order–album order–of they were supposed to be released and listened to.

“I mean, I love all the records. But if I had to have one, you know, ‘Rubber Sole.’ It was when they were just still in ascension creatively.”

While, his favorite song from the Fab Four, he said was:

“The first song that I really, I mean as an obvious one, ‘She Loves You’ was the song that was a big, big hit for them in Britain. But I remember walking into this dance and hearing it and I was just, you know, mesmerized by–I just thought ‘Oh this is a world I wanna belong to.'”

When asked what it was like for him to watch Get Back, Hay revealed:

“I think that the remarkable thing about those guys was that they were those guys. I mean, not only do you have Paul McCartney, you have John Lennon, you have Ringo Starr, you have George Harrison. Each one of them are kind of unique in their own way.

“You don’t ordinarily get you know, fraction of the talent in one band.

“But one of the things that struck me when I was watching it was that even for The Beatles, even if you’re in the Beatles, being in a band is tedious a lot of the time. There’s a lot of sitting around, there’s a lot of waiting for inspiration. And then there’s also the dynamic of somebody being a bit bossy and telling other people what to do and that the resentments build up.”

Asked what he thinks about Starr’s iconic drumming style, Hay said:

“Well, I think he’s completely instinctive, and he plays the drums like it’s uh, he doesn’t really play ‘Oh okay, here’s a beat for this song.’ –it’s more ‘I’m gonna play a part,’ which is like a guitar part or a bass part or an arrangement.

“I remember him saying to me once that when George was messing around with ‘Here Comes The Sun’… explaining how the bars went, you know Ringo was just ‘just play it,’ so he just played it and then he just plays what he hears, and what he hears seemed to be what was required and so you can’t really imagine those songs without those drums or drum fills.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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