He Dropped This In The Water, But The Sharks’ Reactions Are Terrifying

He Dropped This In The Water, But The Sharks’ Reactions Are Terrifying | Society Of Rock Videos

“This could just be our secret weapon…”

As you would assume, being the largest and most dangerous creature in the sea, sharks are attracted to heaviest and most hardcore music there is: death metal. The low frequency vibrations that are displayed in heavy metal, sound off as dinner bells in sharks’ internal ears and signal them to gather almost immediately.

In this video you will see a man being lowered into the water guarded by a steel cage alongside a military underwater speaker playing Darkest Hour, as a humungous, 12 foot Great White Shark makes his way onto the scene. These dense tones resemble the low frequencies of struggling fish which allows the sharks to hone in and feast on their pray.

Fun Fact: Sharks can feel sound through detectors located along their body, which provides them an acute sense of the location of the prey.

As the 12 footer circles the cage, the doubtful man that sacrificed himself to test the theory, is joined by another guest at the size of 14 feet...

Check this MASSIVE beast out.

One thing is for sure, this video verifies that sharks love heavy/ death metal music. They call it “death” music for a reason, maybe this is it…


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