Uh Oh! Stevie Nicks Just Dropped Some Unfortunate News Regarding Fleetwood Mac’s New Record…

Uh Oh! Stevie Nicks Just Dropped Some Unfortunate News Regarding Fleetwood Mac’s New Record… | Society Of Rock Videos


Well, So Much For That…

As of right now, Stevie Nicks is on her illustrious 24 Karat Gold Tour and if you’ve seen her on this tour, you’ll know that she’s been killing it! Though she’s been on this tour, there have still been talks of Fleetwood Mac coming together to make another record. It all seemed like it was going to come together nicely, Lindsey Buckingham has been showing eagerness to get back into the studio, as well as the other members. Well, all except one…

Stevie Nicks was recently asked about her thoughts on a potentially upcoming record from the aforementioned Fleetwood Mac. What she had to say was rather saddening for those who were expecting another record.

Here’s some of what she had to say: “If the five of us were to get together to make a record it would take a year, which is what it always takes us. It would be a whole year of recording, then press, then rehearsal, and by the time we got back onto the road, it would be heading towards the second year, and I don’t know whether at this time it’s better for us just to do a big tour. I don’t write as many songs any more because with the internet, the way that kids listen to music, all the streaming, and the fact that if they’re very savvy, if they want to get it and not pay for it, they can. It goes against the grain of our whole belief in, You write a song, you record it, and you put it out there and people should buy it. We realize it’s not our world any more and the younger kids don’t look at it like they’re taking from us. We don’t have the impetus to write 20 songs because we know that unless you’re under 20 you’re not going to sell many records.”

So there you have it. Now, it’s not all doom and gloom for fans of Fleetwood Mac. We do now know that Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie will be partnering up for an album of their own. So what do you make of all this? Are you sad to hear this? Let us know in the comments!

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