The Top 6 Most Extravagant Stevie Nicks Outfits That Prove She Is Rock N’ Roll’s Goddess!

The Top 6 Most Extravagant Stevie Nicks Outfits That Prove She Is Rock N’ Roll’s Goddess! | Society Of Rock Videos

She is so beautiful!

Today we’re counting down the top 6 outfits she’s ever worn on stage, in photoshoots or even just around town! These outfits solidify her beauty, and prove that she is rock n’ roll’s goddess!

So check out these beautiful digs she’s worn over the years!

6. Casual, yet stunning

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Back in the 70s, no one could pull off the “disco hippie” look quite like Stevie Nicks! In this photo, she’s dressed pretty casual: just jeans and a long-sleeve shirt that’s tied in the front. Obviously you also have her natural hair, her high heeled shoes and an excess of jewelry. Very casual, yet stylish!

5. Fearless and edgy


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We all know Stevie was never afraid to show off her style! This picture definitely defines that. Draped in a long sheet with feathers, and a netted bandana over her head Stevie has an edgy look here! We definitely love this side of her, because it’s a rough yet elegant look for her!

4. Like an Angel

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It’s impossible to count on one hand how many times Stevie wore a white laced dress. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we include that specific look of her’s on this list. The photo above is a great example of Stevie’s white-laced look. She seriously looks like an angel here, in this elegant and peaceful look. This is definitely one of our favorites of all of her looks!

3. Is That Slash’s Hat!?

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There were many times throughout Stevie’s career that she rocked a hat, but this one is one of the more unique looks she’s ever pulled off. Instead of sporting a sun hat, Stevie steals Slash’s top hat look and makes it her own, by sticking a giant feather in the side! She looks so sophisticated here, especially in all black with a little bit of lace on her dress. Also her hair pairs well with this look, and shys away from her usual natural haired style. We love it!

2. On the fringe

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We’re no stranger to see that Stevie has been a fan of fringe dresses ever since she stepped onto the scene. This is one of the more iconic fringe dress looks that she has pulled off in her career. Recently, Stevie has been rocking a lot of black, which is exemplified in this photo. Dressed in all black, she keeps that 60s/70s look with the long fringes on her dress. Not only that, she’s got the classic gloves, and half-moon necklace to top off this classic Stevie Nicks look!

1. Red and Black

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Off all of the looks we’ve shown on this list, this one is the most classic Stevie Nicks outfit of them all. A black sparkly dress, black gloves, natural blonde hair, and a big red and gold drape screams classic Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks! This outfit has it all: classiness, elegance, some edginess and creativeness! It’s hard to find anything else that truly defines Stevie’s beauty in a photograph. But this outfit pictured here proves why she is, and always will be the rock n’ roll queen!

What’s your favorite outfit Stevie Nicks has rocked over the years?

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