Top 5 Most Underrated Rock Bands Of All Time!

Top 5 Most Underrated Rock Bands Of All Time! | Society Of Rock Videos

#5 – Cinderella

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Tom Keifer Blew His Voice Out

With a look as glam as Poison and a sound as heavy as an anvil, Cinderella had one of the most unique and distinguished sounds of the glam metal scene. These fine gentlemen should’ve taken the world by storm. After all they certainly had the arsenal and musicianship become the biggest hard rock band in history!

So what went wrong? Honestly, just bad luck. Frontman Tom Keifer had a unique a strong singing that was very strenuous and this made it difficult for him to record, perform, just sing in general. Keifer has blown out his voice in 1991 as per a paresis of his vocal chords. He underwent several surgeries and this would ultimately hinder the band’s momentum. However, this wasn’t the only factor. In the early 2000s, they were dropped by their label which tied them up into three years of litigation. These are just two of many factors that contributed to the hindrance of Cinderella.

Fortunately, the band have become active again in recent years and Tom Keifer’s voice sounds better than ever! It’s a shame that this amazing band wasn’t as big as it should’ve been, but they haven’t hung up the leather pants just yet, so who knows what could happen next. Only time will tell!

#4 – The Scorpions

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An Unfortunate Language Barrier

Do you know anybody that hasn’t heard the song ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’? Neither do I. The Scorpions are are revolutionaries who became the true innovators of “Power Metal”. They have a consistent heavy sound that is as recognizable as the Mona Lisa.

So could they have been bigger? Yes, though it’s arguable that they already got as big as they could’ve, but here are some factors.

They ARE German, and though they sing very fluent English in their songs, there will always be a language barrier. They bring a unique sound to the rock world, but maybe a little too unique. Though American audiences have accepted their sound, international audiences are where their gravy truly is. And though The Scorpions have toured plenty in the states, the majority of their touring and publicity is overseas. So it may not be that they aren’t big here in the states, it’s just they’re even more massively big overseas. So we can rest easy knowing that the fine gents from The Scorpions won’t have to lobby for a job anytime soon!

#3 – Bad Company

Just Stay Together!

At first glance, anyone’s first thought should be “Wow, these guys must be big time Rockstars!” And they would be right! Sort of…

This is the band that had the total package. The look, the sound, and the ensemble, just not the right consistency. Throughout the bands long career, the original members had been in and out, constantly fluctuating band members and in turn fluctuating their momentum. Each original member has proven they he can be successful on his own especially Paul Rogers who went on to sing for Queen. It’s just that Bad Company as it’s own entity hasn’t always been the most solid in terms of consistency with its members.

But it’s not all bad! Each original member is still in great shape and perform better than ever. Plus, Paul Rogers’ voice (at least in my opinion) sounds even better than it ever has back in the day. So fret not! These lads won’t be going away anytime soon, because they’re just getting started! We’re in good company! Pun completely intended!

#2 – Boston

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The Shocking Reality

Picture yourself on a summer-time road trip to the beach in a classic station-wagon. You’re with your buddies, you’ve got an ice-cold beverage in your hand, your dog is hanging its head out the window letting its tongue flap in the wind. Now try to think about what song would be perfect for this moment. Yep! You guessed right. ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Boston!

Boston is beloved by so many to this day. Their music gave a whole new meaning to the term “Positive Vibe”. They were the feel good band for the ages. ‘More Than A Feeling’ is just as strong as it was when it was released in September of 1976.

However, with all these accolades, they only really got to be considered a One-Hit Wonder. It’s quite unfortunate that this beloved group of guys could never get a big as they could’ve. This was the band with arguably the most potential on this list. ‘More Than A Feeling’ is proof that there was more to be discovered. Besides, Brad Delp’s tragic death in 2007 will always leave us saddened and wondering what could’ve been,

#1 – Dio

His Tragic Fate

Now this was a tough one to include mainly because Ronnie James Dio already has a legendary status, but I decided to include him because I think he could’ve been bigger.

After capitalizing on his success with Rainbow and Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio decided to form his own group simply called Dio. He recruited some of the best musicians from around the world to form a power house. If this formula sounds a bit familiar, it’s because it’s exactly what Ozzy Osbourne did. Dio DID find great success as a solo artist, and his potential was uncapped, but it will always feel as if he was held down just a bit.

Unlike Ozzy, Dio remained fully functional and coherent even over the age of 60! In my opinion, Ronnie James Dio‘s got better and more powerful as he got older. (Case in point: Heaven And Hell 2007 Radio City Music Hall. It’s imperative you go watch it! It’s on Youtube.) he even created the hand devil horns which we all use today!

Dio tragically lost his battle to stomach cancer in 2007. He is a true legend who never got as much recognition as he deserved. We miss you Dio!


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