When This Hummingbird Turns Its Head, You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised

When This Hummingbird Turns Its Head, You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised | Society Of Rock Videos

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For a while there, I thought CGI has come a really long way. But no, ladies and gentlemen, there’s neither special effects nor any video edits in this one. It’s a splendid shot. At first, I didn’t really know what I was looking at. Then, boom! It was beautiful. I have no other words to describe it. The wonder of nature never ceases to amaze me and this just proves why. In only a little over thirty seconds, I was mind-blown. I cannot stop looking at those iridescent feathers! I had to watch this over and over again.

Scientifically speaking, the mechanisms that produce these iridescent colors is quite complex. We’re talking refractive index, reflections, air bubbles, and wavelengths of light to name a few. I won’t go into details because I don’t really understand them myself. Haha. But yeah, there’s more to it than just changing colors. No matter how it works, you can’t deny the fact that it’s so fascinating. Makes me want to have one just to see the iridescence up close!

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