This Enchanting Harp Guitar Cover Of “Hotel California” Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard Before!

This Enchanting Harp Guitar Cover Of “Hotel California” Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard Before! | Society Of Rock Videos

Images via (L) YouTube channel Jamie Dupuis (R)


Check out his picking skills!

There’s no denying that “Hotel California” by The Eagles is one of the most creative songs ever. The song is constantly interpreted, and the true meaning behind it is a mystery that people have spent years trying to solve. No matter your interpretation of the song, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the song is incredibly enchanting, and can sometimes be haunting.

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YouTuber Jamie Dupuis took this Eagles’ classic to a whole new level when he decided to strip the song down, and cover it on the harp guitar. The harp guitar is a 12-string, double neck guitar. The top neck of the guitar is curved, and the strings are slacked, sort of like a harp. This allows the player to play both the bass and guitar parts of the song.

Jamie is a master of taking any song and turning it into an enchanting masterpiece, and his cover of “Hotel California” is no different. It sounds incredible, and reworks the song into a relaxing tone. One impressive part of this cover is the beginning, where he showcases his phenomenal picking skills to play the intro!

Check out Jamie’s cover down below and be sure to watch the other content on his channel as well! He’s an amazing guitarist!

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