This 12 Year Old Girl Turns Classical Song Into Metal Masterpiece!

This 12 Year Old Girl Turns Classical Song Into Metal Masterpiece! | Society Of Rock Videos

Youtube Channel: Zoe Thomson

This Make Me So Jealous! How Does She Do It!?

Any seasoned guitar player will tell you that it takes YEARS of practice to become good at guitar, let alone shred. It’s always amazing to see children at such a young age perform great music to impress, but this is just amazing!

It’s hard to put into words just how good some kids these days are, but Zoe Thomson, on the other hand, just CRUSHED the competition!

What you’re about to watch is Zoe Thomson (12 Years Old) perform The 24th Caprice by Paganini on her guitar, and the way she does it is just truly inspiring! Her fingers are lightning fast and her technique is phenomenal. And to think she’s only 12 years old! Just think how good she’ll be in the coming years! 

The world needs more prodigies like her! I just hope one day she’ll form a band of her own. But either way she has a bright future ahead of her! Her playing is certainly better than most professionals out there. And I know that if I ever get the chance to meet her, I’m definitely asking her for guitar lessons!

So if you’re thinking about learning, watch and take notes! But FAIR WARNING… You’ll probably become jealous!

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