These 10 Classic Rides Are As Iconic As The Rockstars Driving Them

These 10 Classic Rides Are As Iconic As The Rockstars Driving Them | Society Of Rock Videos

Rockstars Burning Rubber

With numerous chart-topping hits, multiple awards, sold-out shows, you can just imagine the look on their faces as these rockstars dance on their way to the bank. So what else do they do if they have money to burn? How else are they going to travel from one gig to the next in typical rockstar fashion? Of course they need a fancy ride!

1. Tom Petty – Jaguar XJS

In one interview, Tom Petty said: “I have so many great memories associated with this car. When I began dating Dana (my wife), I asked her what her favorite car was. So, I phoned the office and said I wanted a champagne convertible Jaguar XJS. The next day, they delivered it to my house and showed me how everything worked and I took it for a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. I was in heaven, as was Dana. This car has such an incredible design. My favorite car I ever owned. We sure are going to miss it.” Yes, we need a Tom Petty in our lives. In 2012, however, the champagne-colored convertible was auctioned off with the proceeds going to “Doctors Without Borders.” Jaguar stopped producing this model in 1996. This is a rare classic and it’s sleek and classy. We wouldn’t mind cruising around the neighborhood in this bad boy.

2. George Harrison – Aston Martin DB5

This is hands-down one of the most beautiful classic rides we’ve ever seen. We bet even James Bond would approve. It’s elegant and something we can definitely picture George Harrison driving. To be honest, the Aston Martin DB5 is practically a celebrity on its own. And well, its appearance in “Goldfinger” just solidified its Hollywood status. It was on January 1, 1965 when this was delivered to Beatle George Harrison. After he sold it, it ended up in a museum in Tokyo before falling into the hands of a private collector. In 2011, it was auctioned off and was bought by an anonymous Beatle fan from Houston, Texas. The car sold for $549,045 which is twice the estimated figure. Well, what else can we say? It’s a rare gem. In itself, it’s an absolute beauty and one that will still make heads turn decades from now. We’re so jealous right now!

3. Freddie Mercury – Studebaker Champion

While we were writing this list, the first person who really came to mind was Freddie Mercury. He’s a huge fan of all things beautiful – as evidenced by his fabulous and glamorous ensemble during his live concerts. And if we know anything about Queen’s legendary frontman, it’s that he never settles. So, what did this rockstar have sitting in his garage during his glory days? It’s a Studebaker Champion ( *cue random singing here* ). It was the lightest car at the time because it was built with this key principle in mind: “weight is the enemy.” It may not be the most expensive one on this list (the company is actually known for its low-priced models) but it didn’t fall short in the styling department which, as you may already know, is a huge deal for Freddie Mercury. It’s elegant and sleek. Any classic car collector will be drooling while watching this.

4. Janis Joplin – Porsche 356

One of the things most closely identified with this psychedelic rock royalty is her 1964 Porsche 356. It screams ‘JANIS’ in big, bold letters. It’s basically like looking and touching a piece of music history. Aside from the epic paint job (which is beautiful on so many levels), the car also has her customized radio. We still find it ironic though that she sings about Mercedes Benz but drives around a Porsche. When RM Sotheby’s began an auction, experts claimed it could potentially sell for about $500,000 but it sold for the staggering amount of $1.76 million. We could go on and on about the features but really, we all want this because it once belonged to Janis. It looks divine and a real fun to drive. But of course, we wouldn’t mind riding shotgun just as long as we get the feel of the ‘60s. And the fact that Janis drove this a lot is a huge plus.

5. Bruce Springsteen – Chevrolet Corvette

The Boss always means business. And when he drives to town, he does it in grand style thanks to his Chevrolet Corvette. Bruce Springsteen bought this vintage car way back in 1975 following the smashing success of “Born To Run.” He’s a hard-working guy and what better way to pay himself than to celebrate his fame and fortune with this sleek classic? When you’re a rock ‘n roll star at the top of your game, of course you need a fine set of wheels! It’s no secret he’s a huge fan of these vintage cars – remember his 1957 Chevy Bel Air? It was bought later on by a Springsteen fan (who also happened to be a collector) for $450,000! The Corvette ragtop, on the other hand, was a part of an exhibition at the National Constitution Center in 2012. It’s easily recognizable because it has appeared in some of his album sleeves.

6. Keith Moon – Ferrari Dino 246

Keith Moon wasn’t just a legendary drummer. In between epic performances and TV appearances, he also managed to own one heck of a ride. His 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT is probably the reason why so many struggling musicians are desperate to become rock stars. But we know he isn’t someone who takes his time out to take care of things, we’re talking about the same guy who would throw in explosives in toilets. Some rumors said that he drove a Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool but Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey denied the incident but the latter claimed that it was a Chrysler Wimbledon into an ornamental pond. But what happened to this Ferrari? He only had it for four weeks when some bikers (whom Moon referred to as ‘nice fellas’) asked if they could take it for a spin. He agreed, only for him to find it at a massive ditch. Oh no, he didn’t.

7. John Lennon – Rolls-Royce Phantom V

This car is most famously known because John Lennon drove this to the Buckingham Palace when he was given medals by the Queen back in 1965. At the time, it was colored Valentines black but two years later, he amped up its paint job by adding a kaleidoscope of lovely hues – the color scheme was inspired by a Gypsy caravan. Just like Janis Joplin’s Porsche, the aesthetic is a reflection of the owner’s colorful and creative personality. But when he customized it, he also transformed the back seat into a double bed. He even added a record player, refrigerator, TV, and a phone. A zodiac sign was painted on the roof. It’s no surprise the vehicle alone became a ‘60s icon. When Lennon purchased it, he paid £6,000 and added another £6,000 for the customization work which took about three months. For the next few years, the car became a popular backdrop for numerous photos of Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono.

8. Nick Mason – Ferrari GTO 250

When he’s not behind the kit during gigs of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, Nick Mason happens to be passionate about cars – and the expensive and rare ones at that. His private collection includes the Maserati Birdcage, Bentley 4.5 Litre, Bugatti T35, McLaren F1 GTR, and of course, the Ferrari GTO 250 (a similar car sold for $52 million back in 2013). Mason bought his Ferrari in 1977 after enjoying the success of “Dark Side of the Moon.” It was reported that in 2010, someone offered to purchase his ride for $35 million – an offer which Mason refused. In an interview with Top Gear, the iconic drummer said: “Mechanical things are just… brilliant. You can fettle and tune and take them apart – but in my case I usually have to get someone else to put them back together again. Then the little adjustments you make turn into tangible things like faster laps and higher top speeds. I’m very grateful to have a passion for cars.”

9. Brian Johnson – Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Supercar

Where do we even begin with Brian Johnson’s collection of luxury cars? The man has deep understanding of the classics and he never settles for anything less than the best. We could talk about his favorite car – the Bentley 4.5-liter Vanden Plas. He also has his Rolls-Royce. These are rides that any car collector will be envious of. Earlier this year, however, he added another one earlier this year – the limited edition Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Supercar. It’s sleek, stylish and perfect in every way. It’s the kind of car that screams ‘rock star’ wherever you go. According to this legendary frontman, “I love it. It’s a proper supercar and boy oh boy does it have some grunt to it. While it’s blisteringly fast, I feel so safe in it. I love the steering, the handling, and those carbon ceramic brakes are amazing. The discs are as big as the wheels on my racing Mini. Just listen to that noise from the exhaust, who needs a stereo when you have a soundtrack like this?” Exactly.

10. Steven Tyler – Panoz AIV Roadster

Steven Tyler loves living the high life – from his luxurious beach house in Maui to his impressive collection of luxury cars, this man has everything we’ve ever dreamed of. And while we love his ultra-fast Hennessey Venom GT Spyder convertible (which he auctioned off with a starting bid of $1.1 million for charity), we also happen to be huge fans of one of his earlier rides – the 1998 Panoz AIV Roadster. Only 300 of this model have been produced and it’s made of approximately 70% aluminum. Tyler is known for his mixing and matching of bold prints and colors and his car is a reflection of that – it’s painted in bright yellow which is perfect if you want everyone to start looking your way as you’re cruising down the street. Allegedly though, the Aerosmith frontman has damaged the driver’s side door. In 2011, it was auctioned in eBay for $100,000.

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