The Greatest Singles From The Cure

The Greatest Singles From The Cure | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Best Works From This Iconic Group

During the late ’70s, The Cure emerged as one of the most influential punk rock bands of all time. For over four decades, they churned out music that showcased their evolution as artists. They had their share of hits and misses but looking at the bigger picture, there’s a reason why they have remained popular through the years. Robert Smith’s goth appearance, reminiscent of Tim Burton’s creepy characters, is something people remember when they hear their songs.

But don’t be fooled. Even with such ghoulish makeup, The Cure’s catalogue boasts of diversity. They had several lineup changes with Smith being the only constant member. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit their most iconic singles.

5. Lullaby (1989)

The music video tells it all – it’s mostly about Smith’s childhood nightmares. Some fans interpreted it differently thinking it was about depression or even addiction. Tim Pope, the MV’s director, revealed to NME that some lines referenced Smith’s past drug use: “On one level, there is this stupidity and humour, but beneath that there are all Smiffy’s psychological obsessions and claustrophobia.”

4. Boys Don’t Cry (1979)

In a lot of ways, this song reflected how the members were often perceived – as hardcore punks with no room for sensitivity. Just like particular single, The Cure has a soft side too which some of the fans aren’t too fond of. Nevertheless, this became one of their more popular tracks especially since it’s an easy listen and catchy too.

3. Friday I’m In Love (1992)

Just because they’re mostly into punk rock didn’t necessarily mean they were all about angry and rebellious songs. Didn’t we mention earlier they have a soft side to them? Smith told SPIN magazine: “‘Friday I’m in Love’ is a dumb pop song, but it’s quite excellent actually because it’s so absurd. It’s so out of character – very optimistic and really out there in happy land. It’s nice to get that counterbalance.”

2. Just Like Heaven (1987)

It’s the band’s first hit in the US. Inspired by a Smith’s recent trip to the beach with his wife, he says it’s “about hyperventilating—kissing and fainting to the floor.” It’s also his favorite Cure song which isn’t even surprising. It’s dreamy and colorful.

1. A Forest (1980)

Ever wonder why Smith bothers putting up with his ghoulish appearance if all he’s ever gonna sing is about love?? Well, this is the answer. The essential Cure song is one from their goth phase back in the ’80s. It became a staple in their concerts and is their most played song. It’s one of the songs that made them punk icons.

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