Stevie Nicks Reveals Why Joe Walsh Dumped Her

Stevie Nicks Reveals Why Joe Walsh Dumped Her | Society Of Rock Videos

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Stevie Nicks was very open about sharing that the Eagles’ singer and guitarist Joe Walsh was her “great, great love,” but why did they break up?

The Fleetwood Mac star’s romantic relationship was an open book. Many have seen her dating many famous musicians and even multiple members of the Eagles. But if there’s one person she fell hard for, it was Walsh.

“My great, great love was Joe Walsh,” Nicks told in one of her interviews, adding that she fell in love with Walsh at first sight when they met in 1983. In the liner notes of her Time Space album, Nicks wrote:

“I guess in a very few rare cases, some people find someone that they fall in love with the very first time they see them… from across the room, from a million miles away. Some people call it love at first sight, and of course, I never believed in that until that night I walked into a party after a gig at the hotel, and from across the room, without my glasses, I saw this man and I walked straight to him.”

When Walsh was asked about the Fleetwood Mac singer’s statement, he said:

“I’m very humbled by it. She’s a great songwriter, a great singer, and a great person.”

Although it has been nothing but a relationship where both of them shared great love, the Fleetwood Mac star revealed that drugs destroyed their relationship. Their drug abuse has gotten to the point where the Eagles’ guitarist feared one of them would die if they continued dating. Nicks said:

“Joe and I broke up because of the coke. He told my friend and [backing] singer Sharon, ‘I’m leaving Stevie because I’m afraid that one of us is going to die and the other one won’t be able to save the other person, because our cocaine habit has become so over the top now that neither of us can live through this, so the only way to save both of us is for me to leave.’”

Aside from Walsh, the Fleetwood Mac singer also considered and called her then-bandmate, Mick Fleetwood, as “one of [her] great, great loves.” In a 1997 interview, Nicks said:

“And then I fell in love with Mick [Fleetwood]. And that went on for two years. Never in a million years could you have told me that would happen. That was the biggest surprise. Mick is definitely one of my great, great loves.”

However, just like what happened with Walsh, Nicks said drugs ruined their relationship:

“The drugs didn’t help, needless to say. We did a lot of blow. I don’t remember how much we did; we spent an awful lot of money on it.”

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