Sharon Osbourne Reveals Details Of Son Jack’s Scary Coffee Shop Attack

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Details Of Son Jack’s Scary Coffee Shop Attack | Society Of Rock Videos

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Sharon Osbourne Talks Son’s Attack Earlier This Month

The world is a crazy place – you don’t need us to tell you that, all you have to do these days is turn on the news. But the Osbourne family was served a painful and scary reminder of that fact earlier this month when Ozzy and Sharon’s son Jack was brutally attacked by a homeless man in a Studio City coffee shop.

Sharon, who is currently dealing with Ozzy’s latest pneumonia related ailment, revealed on The Talk earlier this week that Jack, 33, was checking his email on his phone while waiting in line for his coffee when a homeless man approached him and punched him in the face, completely unprovoked.

“Jack was in Studio City having his morning coffee, answering his e-mails. 9 o’clock in the morning, and suddenly, bam, he got punched in the face. He didn’t see it coming; he was just on his phone. A homeless guy punched him in the face, and a guy that Jack was with kicked him in the ribs.”

Even scarier, things escalated when Jack followed the guy and called the police, only to have the homeless man actually pull a screwdriver on the responding officers before being tased and subdued. Sharon also revealed that a bystander had the sheer gall to chastise Jack, still stunned from the sudden attack, for calling the cops and having his attacker arrested:

“So, Jack followed him, called the police, and then [the attacker] pulled a screwdriver on the police. The police tased him and arrested him. And in the interim, a guy came up to Jack and said, ‘Why are you having him arrested? He’s homeless…’ And then said to Jack, ‘Oh, but I did see him attack two women last week.'”

Yep, you can’t make stuff like this up.

Like Sharon says in the video, you want to be kind to folks, especially those for whom life hasn’t been particularly kind. But how else are you supposed to respond when you’re minding your own business and then BAM! – you’re sucker punched by a complete and total stranger?

Thankfully, Jack is a-ok and his alleged attacker was arrested for battery and assault.

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