Kings Of Leon Cut Loose For Playful, Retro-Inspired “Supersoaker” Music Video

Kings Of Leon Cut Loose For Playful, Retro-Inspired “Supersoaker” Music Video | Society Of Rock Videos

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Kings Of Leon In Pop Art And Technicolor

Released in July 2013, “Supersoaker” was the lead single and opening track from Kings of Leon’s sixth studio album Mechanical Bull, setting the tone for the rest of the album with its upbeat, soul-infused sound overlaid with singer Caleb Followill’s signature rasp using the popular childrens’ water gun as a metaphor for the havoc he wreaks on matters of the heart. Bandmates Nathan, Jared, and Matthew create a bright, almost anthemic feeling with drum beats described by the director as “hungry” and a thumping bass line highlighted by sharp, happy bursts of rhythm and lead guitar, making “Supersoaker” the urgent yet effortless piece it was meant to be. If you thought the song was amazing, though, just wait until you get a load of the music video!

Channeling the golden age of rock and roll and all things Americana through what director W.I.Z. calls an “imagined hybrid of pop art screenprint, hand tinting and Technicolor film,” it’s a hard thing to not get sucked into the cinematic magic spun by the Kings for this masterpiece of a music video. A vibrant celebration of the playful, sensual nature of rock and roll, “Supersoaker” finds Kings of Leon on a retro, 1950’s themed set with a gaggle of models around them as a dramatic 1950’s love story plays out behind the scenes.

Fun Fact: Mechanical Bull was recorded in the band’s new Nashville studio and produced by their longtime collaborator, Angelo Petraglia.

Shot through the eye of a gritty Super 8 filter, the guys as you see them are exactly as W.I.Z. intended – unguarded, completely themselves and genuinely loving making some serious rock and roll music while managing not to take themselves too seriously, even flashing a dazzling smile or two. It’s not everyday that we get to catch the whimsical, playful side of Kings of Leon on camera but just as we’d expected, it’s every bit as beautiful as the art they create.

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