Journey’s Neal Schon And Wife Suing Live Nation – See More For Details

Journey’s Neal Schon And Wife Suing Live Nation – See More For Details | Society Of Rock Videos

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Journey Guitarist And Wife Suing For Unspecified Damages

It’s the Schons against Live Nation!

Today it was announced that Journey guitarist Neal Schon and his wife, Michaele, have filed a lawsuit against Live Nation, alleging that a security guard hired by the multi million dollar company assaulted Mrs. Schon at a Journey concert.

As the story goes, Mrs. Schon was assaulted while taking pictures during a March 2017 Journey concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The couple claims that while she was taking pictures of the show just in front of the stage, one of Live Nation’s security guards “violently assaulted her and threw her into the PA system.”

At this time it’s not known what prompted the security guard to attack her, but the Schons are suing for unspecified damages as Mrs. Schon reports suffering from “emotional distress and humiliation” from the assault, while Neal reports suffering from emotional distress as well due to worrying about Michaele’s safety while on the road with him.

Since the incident, Neal has asked fans to keep a weather eye out for him while he’s onstage, watching for anything strange or suspicious happening as it pertains to security guards who may not always know that the pretty blonde woman snapping photos is his wife.


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“Hello dear friends,” he wrote in 2018. “As we start the 3rd leg of our tour, if anyone seeing anything disturbing with security on my side of the stage – your right, please – take out cell and video it. Unfortunately, some still do not know she’s my wife…thank you all.”

As of the time of this article’s publication, Live Nation has yet to respond to the Schons allegations and reports about the lawsuit against them. Again, the Schons are suing for unspecified damages and it’s unknown what they hope to gain from the lawsuit, but something tells us that it has more to do with holding the company accountable for the people they’re hiring than getting anything out of it monetarily.

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