Joe Walsh Tells A Story So Outrageous, It Would Be Unbelievable If It Were Anyone Else

Joe Walsh Tells A Story So Outrageous, It Would Be Unbelievable If It Were Anyone Else | Society Of Rock Videos

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“I Have A Disclaimer…”

Alright, alright. It’s no secret by now that Joe Walsh is a funny guy or that he has a pretty wild past – but when his sense of humor and his memories of the wild ride that was his youth collide, it’s a recipe for a story so outrageous, it would be unbelievable – if it were anyone else, that is.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien last week, Joe talked about his history as one of rock and roll’s most notorious hotel room thrashers and when asked about a $23,000 hotel bill for damages he received in the 70s, he immediately invoked the name of his late friend and fellow party animal John Belushi and began the story of how together they managed to rack up a $23,000 bill:

“He [Belushi] came over to my hotel room and we stayed up for a couple weeks that night (yep, you read that right). We had access to the penthouse suite and didn’t know that it was the owner of the hotel’s private apartment. There was really nice artwork, but we didn’t like the wallpaper…so we took the paintings down and tore all the wallpaper off and put the paintings back on.”

Just to give you some perspective as to how much damage these two managed to do to penthouse wallpaper, Joe doesn’t skip a beat as he reveals that they could “see where the plaster guy wrote 5 3/4 inches” on the drywall!

Unfortunately, their redecorating skills weren’t appreciated by the hotel owner, who immediately slapped Walsh with a bill for $23,000 in damages and presumably banned him from his hotel. These days Joe has eased up on his hotel thrashing habits, but we’d be lying if we said this weren’t absolutely hilarious! Hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth in the video below!

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