Jimi Hendrix Once Dedicated A Song To Stevie Nicks

Jimi Hendrix Once Dedicated A Song To Stevie Nicks | Society Of Rock Videos

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Jimi Hendrix has served as a source of inspiration for guitarists worldwide, being truly unique in his abilities. His extraordinary talent in playing the guitar using both hands, his iconic use of the Stratocaster, and his unconventional approach to playing a left-handed guitar captivated many.

Dazzling audiences with his charismatic performances, he left a lasting impression on everyone. It is safe to say that he has garnered a fan base that extends to all corners. Among the notable admirers, Stevie Nicks stands out as one of them.

Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Nicks’s Connection

Let’s revisit one of the most memorable moments in rock history. It was an incredible surprise when Hendrix dedicated a song to the young Nicks during the late 1960s.

Prior to their time in Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham were part of a band called Fritz. In late 1960, they had the opportunity to open for Hendrix. When Hendrix dedicated a song to Nicks, it left an indelible mark on her that she would cherish forever.

During an interview with Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Night radio show, Nicks shared her experience, saying:

“I was inspired by Jimi Hendrix from a rock standpoint, because Lindsay and I got to open for him, It was a big huge show in San Fransisco. There was like 20 bands on; there was you, there was 15 more bands and then there was Jimi Hendrix.”

Furthermore, Nicks recalled the narrative of how Hendrix chose to honor her with a song, describing it as a completely unexpected present that left her stunned. She then quoted:

“The perk that you get when you do that is that you get to be on the side of the stage when Jimi Hendrix goes on. And he actually dedicated a song to me. He looked over at me and said, ‘This is for you, babe.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re awesome! You are so awesomely cute and handsome and you play so amazing and thank you, Jimi!’”

During the event, Fritz got the chance to showcase his live performance on stage prior to Janis Joplin. Hendrix and Janis, as part of the 27 Club, shared various similarities. In 2011, Fritz said of Janis:

“I learned the difficult nature of being a female musician in a predominantly male industry and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.”

Likewise, from Hendrix, Fritz gained insights into embodying grace and humility.

Rock to Fashion

Nicks drew inspiration from more than just one event. She has also mentioned a live performance she witnessed, recalling her desire to don white fringe and adorn her hair with a lovely scarf. This occurrence took place in 1997 and was revealed during her interview with BAM Magazine. This highlights her admiration for Hendrix’s fashion choices.

Hendrix and Nicks possessed a deep fondness for their organization. They frequently spent time together on various occasions. In 1968, Hendrix and Nicks engaged in a musical session at The Scene, a nightclub in New York. Nicks holds a special place in her heart for Hendrix, yet regrettably, the song that Hendrix dedicated to her remains a mystery even now.


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