Hyper Penguin Dances To Heavy Metal, And Its Hilarious

Hyper Penguin Dances To Heavy Metal, And Its Hilarious | Society Of Rock Videos

Head Banging Penguin

We have heard of happy feet, but this is just ridiculously cute and funny! There are many versions of this happy-go- lucky penguin dancing around to different metal songs, but this is by far the best. It almost looks as if it was made for this exact song!

Dancing to SepulturaConvicted In Life” this little guy makes us look depressed on our happiest day, jumping around as all the other penguins watch.

Just like in the movie Happy Feet, this little brave soldier seems to be the only one partaking in the mosh pit culture of heavy metal, as his friends and family stand around watching him. Who knows, maybe metal is not their style, but he is definitely not swayed by the majority’s “boring” vote to stand around.

Rocking back from side to side of the snow, this guy is feelin’ the beat and getting’ crazy!

Guys and girls in the crowds–  take notes on what this adorable creature does with his head and body simultaneously… Watch this!

+ Convicted In Life Lyrics +

Abandon all hope he who enter here
Eternal pain that runs among the lost
It’s the fiction of life
What you are is what you live
It never made a fucking difference to you
In the eyes you can see the truth
It’s the fiction of life
I’m going deep, no other way
Lost, who enter here
Nothing seems to go as planned
It makes no difference with the choices I make
I’m convicted in life
Don’t want to make the same mistakes
Lost, who enter here
Can’t live with the faults
There is no remorse for you and me
Convicted in life, fiction in life, victim in life


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