Green Day’s Electric Late Night Cover of ‘Rip This Joint,’ Will Make Any Rolling Stones Fan Smile!

Green Day’s Electric Late Night Cover of ‘Rip This Joint,’ Will Make Any Rolling Stones Fan Smile! | Society Of Rock Videos

Rock'NRoll / YouTube

They did the original justice, and then some….

It’s pretty difficult to replicate the sound of one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time. Many people want bands to avoid covers, and attempting to do songs justice, because so many times a cover will kind of ruin a song. But if bands avoided covers, how will older music ever touch future generations? Even if a cover isn’t necessarily “true to the original” it can still have an impact on popularizing the song.

A few years back, Green Day covered The Rolling Stones’ “Rip This Joint” during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. The cover was in celebration of the band’s re-release of the album Exile on Main Street, and Green Day’s cover might be the very best we’ve ever heard! Seriously, their energy electrifies this tune, and creates a unique blend of oldie and punk sound!

You are not a true Rolling Stones fan if you at least don’t appreciate this cover. They made it their own, but also stayed true to the original! A truly spectacular and energetic cover.

via Rock’NRoll/YouTube

Check out the awesome cover down below, and let us know what you think!

Interestingly, this song also holds a special meaning to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. In an interview with The Rolling Stone magazine, he revealed:

“When I went to my first rehab, at a place called Hazelden, I brought Exile on Main St. on cassette. I remember waking up the first morning there and realizing I hadn’t been sober once for the past 12 or 15 years, from LSD to heroin and cocaine and acid. The only way I could get a buzz at that point was to listen to ‘Rip This Joint.'”

According to Keith Richards, Mick Jagger wasn’t exactly a huge fan of this track because “it was too fast.” It’s still a classic though.

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