7 Funniest Advertisements of the 1970s We Can’t Forget

7 Funniest Advertisements of the 1970s We Can’t Forget | Society Of Rock Videos

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Before streaming and social media ruled our screens, TV commercials were the unsung heroes of entertainment. In an era where skipping ads wasn’t an option, the breaks between shows offered viewers a mixed bag of emotions – from laughter to awe. The 1970s, in particular, blessed us with some of the most memorable advertisements that still tickle our funny bones today.


The Alka-Seltzer commercials also made a big splash during the ’70s. One ad cleverly masqueraded as a spot for spicy meatballs before revealing its true intent – promoting their antacid for heartburn relief. This clever twist not only entertained but also made Alka-Seltzer a household name. People started wondering if the ad was more about the delicious dish or the relief that followed, showcasing the brand’s humor and ingenuity in addressing a common problem.

Another one of Alka-Seltzer!

Alka-Seltzer hit the jackpot again with another ad that coined the phrase, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” This line perfectly captured the feeling of overindulgence many could relate to, turning it into a universal catchphrase. The genius of this ad was its simplicity and relatability, making Alka-Seltzer the go-to solution for those times when our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It was a masterclass in how humor could be used to make a brand memorable and relatable.


The Xerox commercial offered a clever historical twist by imagining monks in the Middle Ages having access to a Xerox machine. This imaginative approach not only showcased the product’s capabilities but also placed it in a humorous, anachronistic scenario that made people chuckle. The ad was a smart way of highlighting the time-saving benefits of the photocopier, all the while entertaining viewers with its witty concept.


Bounty entered the arena of memorable commercials by addressing the then-new technology of microwaves. Their ad featured paper towels specifically designed for microwave use, tapping into the novelty of this “new-fangled” gadget. By associating their product with technological advancement, Bounty not only educated viewers but also positioned itself as an innovative brand that kept up with the times. The ad was a fun nod to the era’s tech advancements, making microwave cooking a little less daunting.


Palmolive’s commercial captured the audience’s attention with its unique value proposition – a dishwashing liquid that not only cleaned but also softened hands. The idea of doing dishes without worrying about the state of your manicure struck a chord with viewers. By addressing a common concern in a light-hearted way, Palmolive left a lasting impression that went beyond just clean dishes; it was about caring for oneself even amidst everyday chores.

Campbell’s Soup

Adding to the collection of unforgettable ads is the clever Campbell’s Soup commercial that couldn’t have come at a more pertinent time. With a slogan like “Campbell’s in the Cupboard, is like Money in the Bank,” it struck a chord with many facing financial difficulties. The 1970s were marred by an economic downturn, making the bright and cheery outlook of enjoying a simple can of soup an appealing proposition. Campbell’s managed to turn a dire situation into a semblance of hope, depicting their product as both a comforting meal and a smart economic choice.

My Bologna Has A First Name

“My Bologna Has A First Name” by Oscar Mayer is another jingle that has carved its place in the annals of advertising history. This catchy tune, delivered by a young child enjoying his bologna in arguably idyllic circumstances, speaks to the innocence and nostalgia of childhood. Parents and children alike were charmed by the simple pleasures extolled in the ad, bridging generations. Despite the surreality of a child so passionately singing about processed meat, the jingle’s infectious nature made it a staple of American households. To this day, the mere mention of the song can transport people back to simpler times, proving the enduring power of a catchy tune combined with a slice of Americana.

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