Co-Founder Of Rock Hall Of Fame Jann Wenner Removed After Backlash From Interview

Co-Founder Of Rock Hall Of Fame Jann Wenner Removed After Backlash From Interview | Society Of Rock Videos

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Co-founder of both Rolling Stone magazine and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jann Wenner has found himself at the heart of a big dispute. He was dismissed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s board of directors following a recent interview.

Wenner’s Comments About Black and Female Artists

In the interview with The New York Times, Wenner discussed his latest book, Masters, which delves into conversations with iconic figures from the world of rock ‘n’ roll. What drew immediate attention, however, were his remarks about the representation of female and Black artists in the book.

Wenner asserted that the book exclusively featured white male rock stars because, in his view, none of the women he interviewed were able to articulate themselves at an equivalent intellectual level.

Regarding Black artists, he made a similar claim, suggesting that they, too, did not measure up to the same historical standard. He even pondered the idea that, for the sake of avoiding potential criticism, he should have included one Black and one female artist who didn’t meet that same historical standard in the book.

These comments ignited a fierce backlash from both the public and within the music industry. Kathy Valentine, the bassist of the Go-Go’s, took to social media to label Wenner as a “vapid, self-important, self-appointed arbiter of what is deserving of attention in rock”

A Reminder of the Need for Inclusivity and Diversity

Furthermore, the controversy has spilled over into Wenner’s scheduled public appearance at the Montclair Literary Festival on September 28th, where he planned to promote his book, Masters. reported that the festival cited “multiple reasons” for the event’s cancellation, which has only added to the ongoing debate surrounding Wenner’s comments.

This incident has raised important questions about the role of inclusivity and diversity in the music industry, as well as the responsibilities of influential figures like Wenner in shaping the narrative of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Watch the video below.

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