Julian Lennon Opens Up About His Relationship with Paul McCartney and His Father

Julian Lennon Opens Up About His Relationship with Paul McCartney and His Father | Society Of Rock Videos

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When Julian Lennon’s father, John Lennon, sadly passed suddenly in 1980, he was just 17 years old. While he cherishes his memories of his father, he longs for a stronger connection with Paul McCartney, a different legendary character from his father’s life who has promised to do so.

During a recent conversation with Bill Maher on the comedian’s podcast, Club Random, Julian shared a heartwarming anecdote about an unexpected encounter with Paul at Heathrow Airport in London. He described how he surprised Paul while the former Beatle was engrossed in conversation with earbuds in his ears.

Julian, having been alerted by a friend of a friend that “Uncle Paul” was nearby, seized the opportunity to approach him from behind and greet him with a friendly “Hey, Paul.” The result? A startled Paul nearly experienced a heart attack before they settled into a spontaneous chat.

Despite this memorable meeting, Julian expressed that he and Paul aren’t as close as they would like to be. They’ve had conversations about deepening their connection, and Paul has promised to share stories about John that Julian has never heard before. However, beyond their chance encounter at Heathrow, they haven’t had a proper sit-down conversation.

Lennon on the Beatles’ Get Back Movie

Julian also took a moment to reflect on his feelings about the Get Back movie, a documentary focused on The Beatles. He revealed that the film evoked a strong sense of nostalgia for his father as he remembered him during his youthful days.

The film showcased John’s authentic and sometimes eccentric personality, highlighting his brilliance, humor, and creativity. Julian admitted that these qualities had faded from his memory over the years, making the documentary a touching reminder of the positive aspects of his father.

Julian confessed to wrestling with the decision to attend a special screening of the documentary. Ultimately, he chose to go with his younger brother, Sean, to avoid the inevitable questions about his absence and to reconnect with the memories of his father.

Julian on the Challenges of Establishing His Own Identity

The conversation with Bill Maher also delved into Julian’s experiences of living in the shadow of his famous father. He acknowledged that this was something he had anticipated and that establishing his own identity in such circumstances had been a formidable challenge. Maher commended Julian for his decision to embrace his father’s legacy, acknowledging that it’s an integral part of his identity and a noble continuation of a remarkable family heritage.

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