According To This Ex-Member, AC/DC Has One Simple Secret To Sounding So Damn Good…

According To This Ex-Member, AC/DC Has One Simple Secret To Sounding So Damn Good… | Society Of Rock Videos

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As If We Didn’t Already Know…

The best classic rock bands in the world have one thing that distinguish themselves from all others, and that’s their signature sound. You know what I’m talking about. There’s no other band that sounds like Black Sabbath, or Rush, or Led Zeppelin (and don’t you dare say Greta Van Fleet) and so on and so forth.

For your band to have its very own signature sound is a great thing. It’s what makes your band unique, and there’s no other band that has a more distinguishable sound than AC/DC.

DETROIT, MI – SEPTEMBER 08: AC/DC perform on stage during their ‘Rock or Bust’ World Tour at Ford Field on September 8, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Balls to the walls, no nonsense straight-up rock & roll. On paper it sounds easy, but no one has ever, or will ever be able to do it like AC/DC. And why is that? Is it because of their gear? Is it because of their heritage? No to all of that!

But there’s actually a secret to achieving to iconic sound that AC/DC have made famous.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 25: Voclaist Brian Johnson (L) and guitarist Angus Young of AC/DC perform during the “Rock or Bust World Tour” at AT&T Park on September 25, 2015 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by John Medina/WireImage)

During a recent interview with EonMusic, former drummer Chris Slade went into detail about how the band is able to capture their signature sound every time, especially in the studio. Here is what he had to say…

“The band always, no matter who the drummer is, always plays together, all the time; take after take after take after take, all day long. That’s what they do. We probably played ‘Thunderstruck’ for days, as with all the other songs on ‘The Razor’s Edge’, with Brian singing every song as well, by the way, every time.”

“So, we’re in the studio, together, all playing together. And that’s the way they work. They always have done that, and they always will do that. That’s the way they do things, and obviously, it has paid off over the decades; they’ve still got that.”

AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 01: SYDNEY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE Photo of AC DC and AC/DC and Cliff WILLIAMS and Malcolm YOUNG and Chris SLADE and Angus YOUNG and Brian JOHNSON, L-R: Cliff Williams, Malcolm Young, Chris Slade, Angus Young, Brian Johnson – posed, group shot (Photo by Bob King/Redferns)

So there you have it, to all of those would be rockstars who’ve been dying to know how AC/DC sound the way they do. The answer is hard work, and honestly, that’s an answer that most other bands will tell you as well!

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