9 Über Gorgeous Moments Of Stevie Nicks — Yes, You Can Bow Down NOW

9 Über Gorgeous Moments Of Stevie Nicks — Yes, You Can Bow Down NOW | Society Of Rock Videos


Stevie Nicks won’t be called “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” for nothing and man, we are all grateful to be her humble servants. Like a heartbeat, she’ll drive you mad!

1. That moment when she made you feel like singing, “She rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her?”

Found on Pinterest via goldduststevie.tumblr.com

Excuse us for a minute as we collect our jaws from the floor. This, ladies and gentlemen, is rock royalty in the flesh. How anyone can look so good in a flowing red dress, knee-high boots and top hat is beyond me. I mean, I’ve always known Stevie can rock ANYTHING – case in point, she can wear rags and still look like a Queen or more likely, everyone else will start to follow suit because you know, she’s a trendsetter like that. And her fashion is almost always a mirror of her personality: a free spirit. So you see, if you want to recreate this look, you need to channel your inner rock goddess. But the thing is, you can pull out this ensemble straight from her ‘70s closet and still manage to look totally “IN.” Yes, that pretty much sums up her unique sense of style – it’s classic and timeless.

2. That moment when you couldn’t stop wondering how anyone can look THAT stunning with tousled hair.

Found on Pinterest via goldduststevie.tumblr.com

It’s no wonder why Jimi Hendrix, a guitar god himself, dedicated a song to her. What can I say? She makes you want to serenade her. Oh this beautiful creature. Anyone who digs boho style always takes a page out of Stevie’s book and this is one of the most important things you need to learn how to pull off – the messy, just-got-out-of-bed look. I mean, if you’ve been to Coachella or any other music festival, Stevie’s influence is basically everywhere. You know the chicks you see with flower crowns and thick mane in dirty-blonde cascades? Yeah, well guess who they got that from? But hey, that’s just how Stevie is. While most women spend hours trying to fix and tame their crowning glory, Stevie manages to somehow look as alluring with tousled hair. She’s the epitome of effortless beauty – definitely the kind you want to write and sing songs for.

3.  That moment when she looked like a golden-haired goddess who descended from heaven to give us mortals a taste of breathtaking beauty.

Found on Pinterest via huffingtonpost.com

You can have Ferrari or Lamborghini and it still won’t look as good as having Stevie sit on the hood. Just look at how perfect this photo looks. If I somehow do the same thing, I’d likely be asked to come down by the car owner. LOL. If you want to impress her though, you might want to do so with a cherry red Corvair. She used to drive that chic convertible. But who wouldn’t love it? When you’re a rock goddess with a penchant for high fashion and great style, you wouldn’t settle for anything less Queenly than this. I could just picture it now – Stevie in her killer wardrobe singing along to her own songs on the radio OR maybe she’s humming to the tune of her next big hit. Who knows? Oh and let’s not forget how casual yet stunning she is – no hat but that scarf sure screams STEVIE all over it.

4. That moment when you wished it was you she was staring at.

Found on Pinterest via huffingtonpost.com

If I somehow looked half as gorgeous as her while staring out into space, I’d be perpetually happy. Because let’s face it, you can write an entire album about Stevie’s beauty and it still won’t be enough. But she has proven time and again that she’s more than a pretty face. Aside from being one of the most notable women in the history of music, she’s also a brilliant songwriter. And with her distinctive raspy voice, she can mesmerize you with one song. Of course, it’s a foregone conclusion that she’s the embodiment of Bohemian style and is therefore much-loved by fashionistas all over the world. It’s actually hard to imagine that this gorgeous lady’s weakness is, wait for it, animal crackers. Yes, you read it right. She likes them so much she can smell them from a few feet away. And sometimes, she has to ask someone to hide them!

5. That moment when our favorite gypsy started draggin’ our hearts around with ONE song!

Found on Pinterest via ranker.com

Like every trend, chokers are making a comeback. From lace designs to velvet ones, everyone seems to love this vintage accessory. But even before they became a thing, Stevie already sported one. And that crescent moon necklace is a staple in her ensemble too. It’s rare that you can spot her without it. However, she may have impeccable street style but her clothes while performing on stage are just as fashionable. Well you might have noticed by now how much she enjoys mixing various elements in one ensemble – from fabrics to hats. With her, there’s no such thing as being overdressed. When she’s singing though, you don’t know which one you should be mesmerized of – her incredible vocals or stunning outfit. But why does she like silk, satin and velvet so much? As it turns out, Stevie is sensitive to touch. So basically, her trademark style was designed for that purpose. No wonder she loves these fabrics!

6. That moment when she was a portrait of perfection (as if we need any reminder!).

Found on Pinterest via lightfeathers-stiffboards.tumblr.com

Stevie realized being a performer was her passion after doing a tap dance routine during their sixth grade talent show. This girl knows what she wants and she goes after it. Even at a young age, she has life figured out. She’s pretty much how most girls want to be like when they grow up – following their dreams and making a mark in their chosen field. At a time when rock bands with male vocalists were a thing, she has proven that a gorgeous woman can go head-to-head with the best of them. Her fashion game is strong and she could have easily been a successful designer but she decided to grace us with her music. A talented rock chick through and through, she’s bold and knows how to make a statement may it be while walking on the street or rocking the stage. Feeling anxious about chasing ygour dreams? Just channel your inner Stevie Nicks.

7. That moment when she nailed this cosmic hippie style with natural elegance. It’s Stevie Nicks, what do you expect?

Found on Pinterest via thezoereport.com

This photo made me thankful for the gift of sight. Stevie’s style is something we all want to replicate but did you know that her Yorkshire terrier mix, Sulamith, is just as stylish? Apparently, one of her backup singers Sharon Celani likes cashmere and each time she makes a purchase, she makes sure Sulamith gets an exact replica albeit smaller. Stevie’s little furry friend undoubtedly has more cashmeres than me or you. Maybe Sulamith can also don on a fringe shawl and even a velvet dog collar so she can channel some serious Stevie Nicks vibes. 🙂 Anyway, back to Stevie. What I love about this outfit is if it was used by a model on a runway TODAY, it would still sell. I personally love how fashion forward it is. I mean, if you had no idea this is Stevie Nicks (a huge impossibility, I know), you might think this picture was taken somewhere between 2012 and now.

8. That moment when she made dressing room photos look incredibly divine.

Found on Pinterest via flickr.com

How to take stellar pictures: first, have good lighting. Second, go for the perfect angle. Third, make sure you’re Stevie Nicks. For all those who won’t let a day pass without taking selfies, we could learn a thing or two from our favorite gypsy. You know how lighting is absolutely important when taking perfect pictures right? Well people are now going nuts over phone cases with LED lights. Yes, that’s how far we go to look good in Instagram. Anyway, Stevie’s second home is obviously hotel rooms. The thing is, she’s a huge fan of good lighting. At one point, she even fancied rainbow light bulbs. But yeah, she brings scarves not just for fashion purposes but also so she can drape them over lights if she doesn’t like the lighting. Okay Stevie, we hear ya. It’s all about multi-functional items, I guess. If you want another example, her slouchy beanie can look cool and chic and yet still keep you warm so there’s that.

9. That moment when she looked like a mesmerizing nymph and you didn’t mind getting lost in the woods with her.

Found on Pinterest via endlessme.tumblr.com

I wish I could find the right words to accurately describe just how utterly beautiful Stevie Nicks is. She’s like a wood nymph with that innocent, angelic face but with the strong, willful nature of a true rock rebel. For decades, she has managed to cast a spell over us with her soulful singing and eye-catching fashion sense. Oh, dear. She’ll have all of us suddenly turned into poets in no time  (not that I’d mind).  But for the record, it was actually pretty hard trying to choose merely nine of her best photos. Nevertheless, this by far is my ultimate favorite. From the lovely golden locks to the stunning and delicate Bohemian dress, it’s so Stevie. If I had to describe her using a picture, this would be it. She likes taking risks and it shows on her choice of clothes. But boy, she always pulls it off. ALWAYS.


Actually, you know what, who are we kidding? These photos aren’t enough to epitomize Stevie Nicks’ timeless beauty. BRB, just putting “Edge of Seventeen” on repeat.



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