9 Times You Realized You’re A Hardcore Skynyrd Fan

9 Times You Realized You’re A Hardcore Skynyrd Fan | Society Of Rock Videos

Lynyrd Skynyrd was bound to be iconic from the beginning. Unlike other bands which were formed in small clubs or garages, founding members Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Bob Burns met at a baseball game. Yeah, it’s not the usual place to say, “Hey. We should get together and be one of the greatest Southern rock musicians.” But, that’s where it all began.

The tragic death of some of the original lineup did not stop them from making more great music. It wasn’t easy for the band and their fans to just pick up the pieces without Ronnie rockin’ the stage but we’re all just glad they did. After all, free birds are supposed to fly high, right?

This list is something that all the awesome and insanely cool fans can relate to and of course, think of it as a small tribute to the epicness that’s Lynyrd Skynyrd.

#1: The time when they announced the end of their hiatus and released the God and Guns album.


Like a kid in a candy store.

#2:  The time someone asked if you’ve heard of Gimme Back My Bullets.



#3: The time you saw youngsters wearing Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts.


No posers allowed.

#4: The time Ronnie and the boys went to your town for a concert and all your friends have tickets except you because Mom won’t give you money.


#5: But they eventually said YES so you and your buddies sang along to every word of every song. Oh and let’s not forget the headbanging and jumping and screaming.


#6: The time you overheard teens saying Justin Bieber just released the “BEST SONG EVER.”



#7: The time you totally understood Ronnie’s preference for going barefoot on stage.


#8: The time you listened on the radio and waited to ‘sing’ the Free Bird guitar solo.



#9: The time someone told you to turn off the music after playing Saturday Night Special all day long.



Because if you ever need to feel good, just plug in some good ‘ol Lynyrd Skynyrd and put the volume on max.


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