9 Things Only Hardcore Led Zeppelin Fans Will Understand

9 Things Only Hardcore Led Zeppelin Fans Will Understand | Society Of Rock Videos

They showed us the Stairway to Heaven, gave us a Whole Lotta Love, took us Over the Hills and Far Away and were with us through Good Times Bad Times. You haven’t seen REAL rock ‘n roll fans until you’ve been to a Led Zeppelin concert. (mnspas) It’s safe to say, we’re every musician’s dream crowd. Lol.


I mean, will you look at that?


And that. Oh wait, on second thought, I thought THEY were gods.

But you know what, here’s WHY aside from being the craziest, coolest, wildest fans ever, we are simply THE BEST:


1. We don’t trail around their tour bus. Well, it’s not like they have one.



2. We know Number One and Pepto Bismol and we can tell which one he’s using with our eyes closed. Lol, that was a bit of a stretch but you know what we mean. 😉


3. We don’t understand the hype over man bun because we prefer Robert Plant’s extravagantly fluffy golden mane. 


This trend needs a major comeback, tbh.


4. We have at least two vinyl copies of EACH album — one for playing over and over again, and another to pass on great music to our grandchildren. Ha!


5. This is too accurate for us. Preach it, Dwight.


6. Because this photo made us thankful for the gift of sight. Who needs breakfast anyway?


7. We (yes, that includes our cats) air guitar the crap out of Stairway to Heaven. Channeling our inner Jimmy Page is as easy as breathing. 🙂


8. We don’t know how to answer “Jimmy or Robert?” because that’s like asking us if we want pizza OR bacon for dinner. Why not both, right?


9. We TOTALLY understand that girl in front looking away. You never stare directly at a god — not when you’re that close anyway. It’s just too much for us mere mortals.



Actually, if you like Led Zeppelin, you have an unarguably impeccable taste in music. Period.



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