7 Ronnie Van Zant Moments That Will Make You Smile

7 Ronnie Van Zant Moments That Will Make You Smile | Society Of Rock Videos

WARNING: You’re in for some major feels.

This young lad from Jacksonville, Florida took the world by storm with hits like Simple Man, Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama. Oh I know you’re starting to sing them right now. 🙂 So in remembrance of this amazing vocalist, talented songwriter and all-around great guy, we compiled some images and clips that’s sure to tug a bit at your heart.

1. When he was like, “Yep, ladies and gentlemen. That’s how you rock.”

He knows he just rocked the stage. He knows he gave an all-out, powerful performance. He knows the audience went nuts for it. He knows it was a spectacular show. And he’s smiling because really, when you’re Ronnie Van Zant, what’s not to be happy about? 🙂

2. When he was fishing and talking about ‘Free Bird’, we just fell in love all over again.

We all know this timeless classic. A power ballad with one of the best guitar solos EVER. We know it’s Lynyrd Skynyrd’s longest song or that they would often perform it as a finale during their concerts or live shows. But did you know its origins? Listen to Ronnie talk about it.

3. When you realized that whoever he’s raising his glass to is the luckiest person in the room. Cheers, Ronnie!

Spell F-U-N! I’m not sure if this was the after-party of a concert but wherever this is, I’m so glad to see Ronnie having so much fun. This gives me really good vibes. I mean, this is practically ME — especially on Mondays and any day of the week that’s not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 😛

4. When he was having a great time with his brothers and we all did a collective “Awwwww.”

Okay, my initial reaction to this image was, “They’re both probably teasing Ronnie”. You know, the typical way brothers do. Just look at how they’re laughing. There’s no way you can look at this picture and not smile. It’s like you’re sharing this moment with them too.

5. When we all thought, “Where has this photo been all my life?”

You gotta love the way he flashes his pearly whites. He looks like the boy-next-door type here. Who would have thought he’s one legendary rock star? Man, whoever he was smiling at, I’m pretty sure this has become an experience of a lifetime!

6. When he was watching a football season opening and probably thought the cameraman was getting too close. Lol.

This photo was taken during the Atlanta Braves Pre-game Presentation on April 15, 2977. Ronnie was with Gary Rossington and Steve Gaines. They even went to the field before the season opening. It’s one of my favorite Ronnie moments.

7. When he was hanging out and clearly having a great time with Steve Gaines.

They’re more than just bandmates, they’re good buddies too. I mean, they made awesome music together and Ronnie had a very high opinion of Steve and he was once quoted saying that they would “all be in his shadow one day.” Now that’s friendship!


Man, I miss Ronnie and those smiles. We’re still thinking of you.

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