7 Classic Rock Bands Who’s Members Actually Hated Each Other’s Guts!

7 Classic Rock Bands Who’s Members Actually Hated Each Other’s Guts! | Society Of Rock Videos

#7 – KISS

They Argued Often And They Loved It Loud!

KISS is probably the most recognizable band in the world. They stick out like a flaming sore thumb playing a trumpet, and thus they were able to monetize EVERYTHING they could get their hands on… literally everything. They found incredible mainstream success for the duration of the 80s and are probably also the most marketable band out there. So to go with the recurring theme that you’ll see here today which is that bands who become very successful tend to argue a lot for whatever reason.

The inner-turmoil that resided within the band KISS all stemmed from drummer Peter Criss and lead guitarist Ace Frehley’s problems with drugs and alcohol. Peter and Ace often liked to indulge in the rock star lifestyle, leader singer Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons did not. Thus came the conflict.

Both Gene and Paul were adamant about there being no drinking or doing drugs while in the band and both Peter and Ace took offense to this. The constant friction and conflict about this issue among other things lead to Ace and Peter’s eventual departure. The band was inducted into Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, but even that was a tense night amongst the rockers, according to Ace. Unfortunately, Gene and Paul have made it VERY clear that they have no intension of reuniting with Ace and Peter.

#6 – Aerosmith



These Guys Getting Along? Dream On!

Aerosmith have shaken the hard rock scene to its very core since day one. their uniquely rhythmic and southernly twangy hard rock swagger have catapulted them into the stratosphere. These guys could write a song in five minutes and it would be a chart topper in less time than it took them to write it. Still, it’s not exactly hard to believe that because of these guys’ commercial success would drive them CCCRRRRAAAAAZZZZAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!…. I’m sorry. Ahem! It’s not exactly hard to believe that these guys’ commercial success would drive them crazy. That much press and touring would tear anybody up. Case in point, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler.

Lead singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry have had their differences over the years. Mostly creative differences and just all around getting along. Surprisingly enough, the rest of the members seem to get along greatly with Steven, Joe, and each other very well, but it’s a lot like a guitar. Even if one (and in this case two) string(s) is/are out of tune, then the whole thing is out of whack.

Fortunately, they have worked past their problems and are way more cohesive as a band. They get along greatly and are still pumping out amazing music!

#5 – Motley Crue

Together, These Guys Never Feel Good!

Rebellious, provocative, and in your face, Motley Crue are one of classic rock’s most eye opening and controversial bands that there has ever been. These guys have lived a life of debauchery and irresponsibility. They have had many issues with drugs and alcoholism and it has taken its toll. As you can imagine, this could never end pretty in a 20 plus year career.

Motley Crue eventually began to fall apart right as they were reaching the height of their success. There have been many falling outs and lineup changes that have ultimately halted the bands success.

Now, there was one brief period of time not that long ago where Motley Crue had sobered up and did tours to everyone’s delight. However, it quite the contrast to a fairy tail ending, Motley Crue have made it known that there is still animosity between everyone. It’s very unfortunate because for a while there, we got the sense that everything was good and that they’ll pull a Rolling Stones and rock until they die, but apparently, that’s just not the case

They are currently on their retirement tour.

#4 – Metallica


Those Bitter Memories Remain!

Metallica have established themselves as this biggest american heavy metal band ever. They have been through quite an extensive journey in their illustrious careers. They are a good example of how a band can organically become one of the greatest of all time. They were met with challenges and struggles that have made them stronger as a unit. Still, those challenges were usually the band fighting and arguing. Especially in 2001-2003.

James Hetfield has openly admitted that his alcoholism lead to the friction in the band. Lars Ulrich wasn’t exactly a help during this period either. Jason Newstead eventually leave the band because of this issue.

Luckily the band has worked out their issues and are back at it again! They are now joined by bassist Robert Trujillo. Or, as he likes to be called Roberto Augustin Miguel San Juan Trujillo Vera Cruz!

#3 – Van Halen

They’ve Got Hots For An Argument!

Van Halen are one of the most revolutionary hard rock bands that have ever graced the stage. Lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen changed the game and set the bar in regards to playing electric guitar. Their music and overall charisma have touched the hearts of all of us as fans. So it’d be pretty heart wrenching to hear of the troubles that were present in the legendary rock group.

Whether it’d be drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or departures left and right. This band has not had the easiest ride in their careers.

These days, the band is back together minus bassist Michael Anthony who has been replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen (Eddie’s son and Alex’s nephew). It seems like the band is doing fairly well and we wish them great future success! (Valium)

#2 – Guns N’ Roses

Their Arguments Made You Feel Like You Were In A Jungle!

Surprise! Surprise!

GNR didn’t always get along. Thus making their recent reunion absolutely shocking! Still, it’s worth mentioning the band’s past issues and conflicts that lead to their disbanding. The issues aren’t exactly anything of a unique situation. Drugs, alcohol, and creative differences are all factor in this.

To make it short and sweet, there were many situations that made it difficult for the band to stay cohesive as a unit. The most of which stemmed from lead singer Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash’s creative differences.

So as we’ve mention a billion times, they are currently on their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour. A pretty fitting name, huh? Luckily, these issues have long since gone afloat. And though we are without two of its original members, the three core members are still in action and crushing it on their tour. Now let’s just hope they’ll hurry up and make an album!

#1 – The Beatles

It’s Always A Hard Day’s Night!

The Beatles are the most popular music group that ever existed. They have achieved unfathomable success and literally took over the world in the 60s. But even the world’s biggest band is not immune to conflict and friction.

The band was off to a particularly good start and it didn’t seem like there was any tension. But then, John Lennon started to date a woman named Yoko Ono. She and John were infatuated with each other, but the band was not a fan of her. She started to pitch in a little too much and started butting her nose in all of their matters. Eventually this lead to the band’s departure.

Each member would go on to have great solo careers, but it never ever really matched the success of The Beatles. Unfortunately both John Lennon and George Harrison tragically passed away many years ago leaving a Beatles reunion out of the question. What a shame…



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