7 Classic Rock Albums In The ’90s You Hated But Now Love

7 Classic Rock Albums In The ’90s You Hated But Now Love | Society Of Rock Videos

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There are so many albums that defined the ’90s – some were on heavy rotation on the radio and in MTV but others were unfairly overlooked and largely ignored. They were slept on or worse, hated at the time of their release. But over the years, people have come to recognize their greatness – if you haven’t yet,  here’s your chance.

Let’s look over the list.

7. Skunk Anansie – “Stoosh” (1996)

One of the greatest but underrated rock offerings in the ’90s, it has a couple of hidden tracks to delight the listener. From an instrumental mix to a short jam, it’s a wonderful listening experience. It’s an aggressive dose of hard rock that packs a lot of punch.

6. Mark Lanegan – “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost” (1994)

Another gem that deserves to be revisited, it was released during the grunge explosion that permeated the early part of the decade. It showcases his growth and maturity as a songwriter and also highlights his powerful, distinctive, and absolutely beautiful vocals. Lanegan recalled, “Around the time I did my second solo record I decided to smoke weed, and it made me do some stuff that I never had thought about doing – but of course it turned on me, like all drugs.”

5. Stone Temple Pilots – “Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop” (1996)

Critics were far from impressed with them but they were well-loved in the alternative rock scene. This album’s so much stronger and more consistent than its predecessors. (https://riverwestdentalid.com/) The hooks, the riffs, and of course Scott Weiland’s spectacular vocal performance, they may have veered away from the grunge sound which they were mainly known for but they overhauled their musical identity by incorporating an array of influences. And somehow, it all just clicked.

4. Smashing Pumpkins – “Adore” (1998)

If you hated this album the first time you listened to it, don’t worry because you’re not alone. It’s just one of those records that eventually grows on you. The recording was equal parts challenging and frustrating for the band because they were dealing with personal problems and while they already achieved mainstream success with their previous efforts, they weren’t sure where they’re headed musically especially with the departure of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. “Adore” was so different from their other albums that it alienated some of their fans. But according to singer Billy Corgan, the album was “an attempt to go back to what’s important at a musical core and build it outward”.

3. Hole – “Celebrity Skin” (1998)

It’s Hole’s last album before they disbanded in 2002. Courtney Love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and she doesn’t exactly inspire awe or admiration but looking past that, “Celebrity Skin” is a tight and solid effort. It’s glittery and slick but it seems like a nod to the ’70s brand of rock. Overall, it has aged rather well.

2. The Lemonheads – “Come on Feel the Lemonheads” (1993)

Ask any Lemonheads fan and they’re likely to say this isn’t the band’s greatest studio effort mostly because it sounds messy and unpolished. But it deserves a second chance. The songs are not only good but they’ll quickly take you back to the ’90s.

1. Blind Melon – “Soup”

It’s their second album and the last one released in vocalist Shannon Hoon’s lifetime since he died eight weeks later. It’s darker than their debut LP because the songs were about Hoon’s drug addiction, murderers, and suicide. The bright spot is “New Life” which is about the recent birth of Hoon’s daughter. Because it was a total departure from its predecessor, “Soup” didn’t impress the critics. But we’ll say it right now, it’s a masterpiece.

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