13 Steven Tyler Looks That Would Make Scary Halloween Costumes

13 Steven Tyler Looks That Would Make Scary Halloween Costumes | Society Of Rock Videos

Mick Hutson/Redferns, hollywire.com, fanpop.com

Steven Tyler’s got the scare flare.

With Halloween just around the corner, there might not be enough time to buy enough face paint to look like a menacing killer clown or  the bride from “A Nightmare before Christmas”. Well, fret not! Steven Tyler’s outrageous fashion choices are wild enough to make for scary last minute Halloween costumes!

The Aerosmith front man is known to sport garish clothes that could compete with an evil circus clown’s wardrobe. Lucky for us, it’s actually pretty easy to pull off. All you need is to rip your sister’s old ruffled blouse right in the middle down to the torso, a pair of tight fitting flared leather pants, layers and layers of brightly colored printed scarves, your mom’s church jewelry, and a funky hat to top it off. Just one trip to the nearest thrift shop and you’ll have the coolest rock star costume this Halloween season. Who knows, you might even creep some kids out. Steven surely does.

1. This fiery outfit will make you look like you opened a portal to hell.

photo: bekiamoda.com

An obsession with scarves is everybody’s sin.

2. How about an angelic look with a touch of color. Or a bit too much color.

photo: snypaz118/Flickr

Steven, you’re our angel. Come and make Halloween alright.

3. An overload of glitter, ruffles, and print would surely scare the fashion police away.

Linda Smith / Pinterest

Don’t forget the leopard print slip on sneakers. It’s a touch of rabid.

4. A matching patchwork vest and scarf with a pair of printed tights will make kids SCREAM ON.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Scream for the laughter, scream for the FEARS.

5. This open-chested laced leopard print jumpsuit is what nightmares are made of.

Ian Dickson / Redferns

This costume is nuts.

6. Put the largest dream catcher on your head and welcome the nightmares back in. 

photo: Victor Chavez / Wire Image

It’s like gettin’ head from a guillotine.

7. Just go crazy with red. Bright blood red. 

photo: mtv.co.uk

Let your trousers be the the target of vampires.

8. Steal Prince’s purple outfit and be disappointed about it. 

Photo: Reuters

Same, drummer in the background. Same.

9. You think aliens are scary? Try a Steven Tyler space suit.


Photo: Getty Images / People

ST, phone home?

10. Just channel your inner Princess Leia Tyler and you’re off to Halloween.

Photo: Getty Images / People

The costume force is strong with this one.

11. This matching pin-striped laced open-chested  top and trousers will make blue skies turn to grey.

Photo: fanpop.com

Perfect for Halloween weather!

12. Love Halloween? Hate dressing up? Just get out of bed, grab a bouquet of roses, and smile! 

Photo: pinterest.com

That kind of love was the killin’ kind…

13. When in doubt, rip your shirt out, and scream loud like you got Steven Tyler’s mouth.

Photo: Snakkle.com

Dream On? More like Nightmare On.

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