12 Hottest Moments Of Grace Slick (Warning: It’s SCORCHING HOT!)

12 Hottest Moments Of Grace Slick (Warning: It’s SCORCHING HOT!) | Society Of Rock Videos

Here’s to falling in love with this psychedelic sixties rocker chick all over again. Oh wait, we never really moved on.


1. The time when she’s woven a spell over you just by staring like this. And you are now her willing servant.


Found on Pinterest via psychedelic-sixties.tumblr.com

I can’t look away even if I tried. Well, just to be honest, it’s not like I wanted to. Oh, those mesmerizing eyes. And you still wonder why she has the world at her feet? Think of it this way, she only has to stare at you like this and she’ll undoubtedly get ANYTHING she wants. Yes, I mean ANYTHING. She can ask you for a breakfast in Paris, lunch in Greece and dinner in Japan and you’ll probably just be nodding and saying YES. And after, you’ll wonder what the heck did you just agree to. LOL. Ladies and gentlemen, the power of Grace Slick. She can stun you with her gorgeous face, mesmerize you with her incredibly beautiful voice, and crack you up with her sense of humor. She’s the total package. She’s probably everyone’s dream girl – you know, a rock goddess with some girl-next-door kind of vibe.

2. The time when you’ve never felt so envious of a mirror. How can any reflection look as good as that?


Found on Pinterest via buzzfeed.com

Can I just say, the guy who didn’t look her way just missed half of his life. Somehow, looking at this photo makes me wanna know all of Grace’s secrets. Admit it, you feel the same way. But who would’ve known this girl actually likes to joke around? Have you seen her interview on February 22, 1984 with Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan? She is hands-down witty and hilarious but down-to-earth all the same. Of course that video was shot a few years after this photo was taken but still, she is by far the coolest rock chick I know. And boy, how striking is she to look at! But that’s not really so surprising given that she had a short modeling stint for a department store. And though I would’ve loved to see her on billboards and runways, I’m still mighty glad she never stopped writing music and finding inspiration.

3. The time when she… we’re at a loss for words here.


Found on Pinterest via lastfm.ru

Have you ever seen something so utterly beautiful you don’t want to say anything, do anything lest you ruin that one perfect moment? Yeah, well this is it. Anyway, ever since she was in high school, she’s always been known for her sarcastic sense of humor. And when she gave birth to her only child, China, she told the nurse she was going to name the baby “god” but of course, this was nothing more than a joke. She even added it would be spelled with a small ‘g’ so the kid will stay humble. But then, the nurse who probably thought it was a big scoop, passed on the information to someone she knew who wrote for a certain newspaper. I bet Grace laughed out loud when she read that. This girl really knows how to have fun. But don’t be fooled by her happy-go-lucky attitude, when it comes to her music, she means business.

4. The time when she was playing around and still looked hot as hell.


Found on Pinterest via limelightagency.com

A girl who’s not afraid to look quirky and playful? And add in the fact that she’s basically a rock goddess. Man, that’s definitely a 10 in my book. She’s always had that go-for-it attitude and who doesn’t love that? The thing is, years later, she has very few regrets about things she didn’t do when she was younger. We should all grab a page from her philosophy book. You know what she likes telling kids? “Life is very short, you’ve got to pack it all in there.” Yes, she’s always been very deep (refer to her old and new interviews) and her views are absolutely refreshing – I could listen to her talk about anything and everything all day long. Her magnetic charm coupled with her free spirit and humorous streak, how can anyone not find her adorably awesome? Oh yeah, this photo is definitely one of my favorites too.

5. The time when she looked like she was trying to find somebody to love. She didn’t really have to look THAT far. *coughs*  🙂


Found on Pinterest via facebook.com

Whatever it is she wants me to do, I whole-heartedly volunteer. She is quite unreal — almost like an angel came down from heaven and gave us a taste of divinity. Oh dear, she’s turning me into a poet. And about this song, it was written by Grace’s brother-in-law, Darby Slick just after his girlfriend left him. Yes, heartbreaks become a great motivation in music and well, the track’s theme is mostly centered on loyalty and monogamy. Especially because FREE LOVE is the thing at the time, Darby knew from personal experience the downside to it. Anyway, Grace’s original band The Great Society first recorded it but it wasn’t much of a hit. When Grace joined Jefferson Airplane, she came bearing gifts and this is one of them. If you listen to both renditions, you’ll notice that somehow, Grace’s vocals and emotions are more intense in the Jefferson Airplane version. But no complaints, I absolutely loved it!

6. The time when she took a break and left us all breathless.


Found on Pinterest via archive.org

Whoever doesn’t find this portrait impeccably beautiful, I’d like to personally have a word with you and ask you what’s your problem. Lol but I guess we can all agree that this chick is a real powerhouse. She’s always had a striking stage presence, case in point: her iconic Woodstock performance. What sets her apart from other hippies of her time though were her incredible talent and personality. She has amazing vocals, true, but how she is off-stage is also something to consider why this ‘First Lady of Rock ‘n Roll’ is an absolute legend. Take away the sense of humor (she’s crazy funny tbh), and you’re left with someone whose philosophical values and world views can rival anyone. I mean, have you seen her talk about her life, career, art and what-not? Dang, it’s no wonder why she’s one of the most important figures in the history of rock ‘n roll.

7. The time when she made you want to write a song for her.


Found on Pinterest via newenglandwoodstock.tumblr.com

At the height of career, she is hard to beat. Decades later, no one can still come close to her. All hail the queen! What we see here is a true rocker with unparalleled vocal style and ability (I would actually recognize her voice anywhere). I often watch her recorded live performances and think, “This is the best one by far” then I see another one and think the same. She always gives her best, mind you. It’s like there are two kinds of rock stars: Grace Slick and everyone else. 🙂 She really knew how to belt out a song with finesse and somehow make it more mesmerizing. I know she has ‘retired’ from the music scene but I’d be lying if I say I don’t wish for her to get back on stage. It would be nostalgic for sure especially if she opens the show with ‘White Rabbit’ or ‘Somebody To Love.’

8. The time when she made all our rock nerd dreams come true.


Found on Pinterest via qbn.com

Grace Slick ripping through her guitar – be honest, what more can you ask for? She is the embodiment of female beauty, just perfect in every angle! I know what most of us picture out when we think of rock chicks – leather ensemble with fringes, black thigh-high boots, and maybe a few other accessories here and there. But as we all know by now, Grace doesn’t subscribe to anything mainstream. Following the crowd is not her style. So here she is, looking as chic as ever with her axe. In case you’re not aware, she’s a multi-instrumentalist. She can play keyboards, bass, flute, clarinet and harmonica. I know, I know. The world is unfair like that. So if you find yourself questioning why you were so in love with Grace Slick and her music – all you have to do is look at this photo. I swear it holds all the answers.

9. The time when you just wanted to make this into giant posters to plaster all over your wall.


Found on Pinterest via theswinginsixties.tumblr.com

I have one very important life-changing question: what can she not do? Aside from having that incredible voice and being a multi-instrumentalist, she knows how to draw too. Man, it’s like she’s the epitome of talent. You know, the first time I listened to ‘White Rabbit’, I could not get it out of my head. For over a month, it stayed in my brain on a permanent loop. It’s like I was starring in my own movie with that as soundtrack playing in the background. To say that Grace Slick’s music is addicting is truly an understatement. There’s no way you can listen to it and not love it. Look, if someone would ask me who best represents the ‘60s, I’d say it’s Grace without batting an eyelash. She has one of the most enthralling voices I have ever heard and listening to her songs put me in a party mood every single time.

10. The time when she proved WHY she was a rock goddess (as if we didn’t already know).


Found on Pinterest, uploaded by Guillermo Davalos

Only Grace can pull off this outfit. For one moment, I thought she looked a lot like Xena the Warrior Princess. Oh come on, admit it, it crossed your mind too! She’s the total package — great singer, great performer, great personality AND gorgeous through and through. She had it all. Watching all her past performances only make me want a time machine ASAP. From her Woodstock days (I get serious goosebumps every time I watch it) to all her other concerts and live shows, I want to see them all in person. It doesn’t matter if the sound systems at the time aren’t really the best. I just want to take part in those amazing moments when Grace can rock everyone out. Morning maniac music? Check. In the presence of a rock goddess? Check. Mind-blowing, spine-tingling, enthralling voice? Double check. She’s an absolute class – incomparable to say the least.

11. The time when she turned heads with her chic street style.


Found on Pinterest via theyroaredvintage.tumblr.com

No wonder she owned the ’60s and ’70s. Only she can put this ensemble together and manage to look like a supermodel and hippie rock chick all at the same time. Who would’ve thought that this elegantly dressed lady is also a full-time rocker? And let’s add ‘brilliant songwriter’ to her resume too because not everyone can come up with one of the most popular songs in psychedelic rock based on a classic novel. When you think of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, maybe the image of Grace Slick writing her trippy lyrics while composing on an 80-dollar upright red piano is so far from your mind. But that’s basically how the iconic track was made. She pointed out all the the drug metaphors in the story and thought the ‘60s scene was very much like that. And then, as the cliché goes, the rest is history. But a wonderful history at that.

12. The time when she was like, “I’m no sweetheart, I’m a bad girl.” and we loved her more for it.


Found on Pinterest via courtneywolfe.buzznet.com

It’s not just her music but even her paintings reflect her rock ‘n roll personality. Grace Slick’s art is not confined to only one field. She always seemed to enjoy challenging the norm and we loved her more for always creating and leaving her own trail. And as a long-time fan, I was a bit heartbroken when she announced her ‘retirement.’ Even after all this time, whenever I see news of some classic rock bands reuniting, there’s still that little hope that maybe just MAYBE, Grace will reconsider. But even though she won’t be back on the stage anytime soon, we have her other works of art to enjoy. Her art catalog is amazing and some of my favorites include portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia. I didn’t know how it’s possible to still be surprised at what else Grace can do.

She’s a rock icon and style inspiration. Oh Grace, let’s get together!

BONUS: She’s Still Got It 🙂


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