11 Ozzy Osbourne Songs To Help You Prep For Halloween

11 Ozzy Osbourne Songs To Help You Prep For Halloween | Society Of Rock Videos

Bow Down To This Rock Royalty

Ozzy Osbourne is probably one of the most iconic artists in metal. Besides, he won’t be called ‘Prince of Darkness’ for nothing. And there’s no better way to honor him than to compile some of his best and darkest songs just in time for Halloween.

P.S. No bats were harmed in the making of this list.

11. “Let Me Hear You Scream”

Warning: You might break your neck from too much headbanging. For the record, we’d probably dress up as a robotic tarantula complete with Ozzy’s face for our next Trick or Treat. Or maybe we can make one that we can ride into battle. It’s dark, creepy and terrifying – definitely two things you want for Halloween. Don’t you wish you could un-see some of those weird things? It’s like a scene straight from American Horror Story. And of course, there’s the line “’Cause all I need is blood and sweat and skin and bones!” and they had to show Ozzy’s bloody mouth and disturbingly long tongue. If you still haven’t decide on your décor yet, you can just put a projector in front of your house and put this video on repeat. Guaranteed, your neighbors will be freaked out. Who needs props when you can rely on Ozzy to creep out people?

10. “Bark at the Moon”

Face-melting solo, incredible riffs and an overall great song – what’s not to love? Besides, it’s like something from old school horror movies (think ‘Interview With The Vampire’) and we just love it. The song is all sorts of awesome by itself, but with the music video, it’s the bomb. The full werewolf costume is perhaps our favorite part. But we still think this is kind of underrated. The solo is something else and yet it barely gets recognized. Let’s not forget the opening riff which is like a punch in the face announcing Ozzy’s arrival. It’s way too good – not to mention the lyrics which are enough to give you nightmares. Indeed, it puts the pedal to the medal. Then again, what else would you expect? It’s not like Ozzy ever fell short of our expectations. He never settles for anything less than perfect. And that’s probably why he’s a legend.

9. “I Don’t Know”

This is the best way to kick off an album. Randy Rhoads’ clean and tight playing had something to do with it – no one really does it like him. He added magic to this song and boy, he’s ripping it to shreds. The amount of talent and skills he had on his hands is unmatched. Aren’t you glad someone recorded this though? It’s insane that this sounded so incredible live! And by the way, this track is mainly for Ozzy’s fans who constantly look up to him as their role model. He is very much aware that he’s far from it considering his years of struggle with substance abuse. If there’s one word to describe this, it would be ‘sensational.’ It spells ‘Ozzy Osbourne’ in big, bold letters. It’s the kind of music you put on loop for the entire month of November and still not get sick of it. Trust us, we know.

8. “Over the Mountain”

The epic drum intro and chugging riff are both so aggressive, it might as well have been a big bomb going off at the start of the song. The solo break is a real show-stopper, by the way. It’s the perfect way to match Ozzy’s fine vocal performance. A few decades later, this one still rips. It’s the song your parents warned you about – you know about the devil worshipping and all. But by now you probably realize, YOU’RE THE PARENT. Lol. It may not exactly be the best live performance from Ozzy but dang, the boys are surely having a great time. It reminds you of those awesome times you had when you were way too excited to go to their concerts. Then again, who says you can put your volume on max on Halloween to partly scare off your neighbors? It’s music straight from the dark pits of hell. 

7. “No More Tears”

The pulsating, head-crushing guitar riffs and epic bass lines are superb. And let’s not even forget Zakk Wylde’s mind-blowing solos – it gives us chills every single time. But putting all that aside, it undeniably showcases one of Ozzy Osbourne’s finest vocal performances – clean and pure. It highlighted his distinctive and unique voice and it just can’t get any better than that. Decades later, he still manages to rock our worlds. It’s an absolute masterpiece and we love how dark it is. The menacing singing still gets to us – and the music video is perhaps one of the creepiest we’ve ever seen and we’ve seen plenty coming from Ozzy. There’s just something about it that’s wicked and haunting on so many levels. It’s hard to just listen to it though – you have to do an air guitar. It just completes the entire Ozzy experience and it makes you feel like you’re one with the music.

6. “Mama, I’m Coming Home”

Ozzy isn’t exactly the sensitive type of guy but this song shows his sentimental side. It’s dedicated to his wife, Sharon which is just fitting. After all, she stood by him through it all – substance abuse and all that crazy stuff. Recently, you probably heard about his much-publicized cheating scandal after which Sharon eventually took him back. Now, they’re working to fix their marriage. Talk about lifelong commitment! Also, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister co-wrote it. The song may be an acoustic-based ballad but it still kicks ass. You wouldn’t think a mix between rock and acoustic is a great idea but Ozzy proved once again that he’s a true artist. It’s calm and soothing – nothing like the headbanging and explosive metal songs we’re so used to hearing from him. That orchestration is insane. But if you haven’t heard this yet, this is one of those tracks that will remind you of the painful and traumatic events in your life. So, are you ready?

5. “Hellraiser”

From the first 20 seconds of the song, you know it’s going to be good. It’s just so powerful – it almost sounds like a hymn fitting for the Prince of Darkness. You can’t help but crank it up as loud as you possibly could. If you don’t like this, there’s probably something wrong with your hearing and you seriously need to have it checked out. There’s no way you can love metal and not enjoy this work of art. Ozzy’s vocals is so good, it feels like you’re listening to him live right in your living room. What an insanely talented dude. For all the crazy stuff, he really is a total bad ass. The rhythm and chorus? Man, they’re unforgettable. You could listen to this once and it will stay in your head for an entire week. There are other versions, true, but this is arguably the best one.

4. “Flying High Again”

Obviously, this song is about drugs. The smoking solo with excellent shredding is superb. Ozzy is unapologetic in his substance abuse and he just has no regrets as evidenced by the line, “No use saying sorry / It’s something that I enjoy / Flying high again.” Oh and Randy Rhoads was a beast at the guitar. However, Jake E. was also a phenomenal player, he just had very big shoes to fill in. Nevertheless, he did the solo justice. We can go on and on about who’s the better guitarist but we prefer just enjoying the music. Period. If you’ve seen the music video, it’s definitely one of the most ‘80s MV ever – so trippy and all things crazy (like Ozzy Osbourne taking off his pants on stage crazy). It makes you want to go back in time – you know, when it was all about talent and great songs. Give us a time machine NOW!

3. “Suicide Solution”

Ozzy Osbourne is no stranger to controversy – he practically eats them for breakfast. There are very few things that can shock his fans (the dude snorted a line of ants and bit the ear off a live bat) but this one takes the cake. You know why? Just one look at the title and you’d likely think this somehow encourages suicide. In fact, parents of a teenager sued Ozzy alleging that their 19-year old son took his life after listening to his song. It was eventually dismissed by the court. However, when you take a close look at the lyrics, it actually cautions the listener on the dangers of alcoholism. Ozzy even explained after he found out about the suicide: “[It’s] solution as in liquid, not a way out. The song’s about the dangers of alcoholism — alcohol will kill you just like any other drug will … it’s just a terrible case of misinterpretation, as far as I’m concerned.”

2. “Mr. Crowley”

Any amateur guitar player would take one look at this masterpiece and immediately aspire to be Randy Rhoads. The solos are spell-binding – it makes you wonder if he’s human at all. If anything, this brilliant work of a musical genius only proved he is a certified guitar god. It’s probably his finest piece – something that solidified his place in rock history. We’d even go so far as consider this as his magnus opus. Anyway, Ozzy can’t be outshone too because his vocal performance is just as stellar. It fits the song perfectly. Overall, this will likely send you straight into rock heaven. There are too many excellent things going on that it’s impossible to dislike it. That’s just blasphemy for these gods. And you know what, the look on Ozzy’s face at the end of the song says it all – he’s aware that he’s got a kickass band and he wants everyone to know it.

1. “Crazy Train”

You probably already knew this was going to land the top spot. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Ozzy Osbourne’s tour de force. From Randy Rhoads’ easily recognizable opening riff to Ozzy’s flawless voice, it’s a match made in metal heaven. We know Ozzy’s a madman and that’s perhaps his greatest appeal, but we can’t deny that he’s also a genius. Take this signature song for example. It’s a classic to the truest sense of the word. This video is kind of weird which is Ozzy’s specialty by the way. And it should be your Halloween Anthem. He’s a real monster and he knows how to make really good music. Of course, if all else fails, you can always channel him for your next dress-up party. Who doesn’t wanna look like the Prince of Darkness? If you need further inspiration, all you have to do is scan his videos and we’re sure you’ll come across something creepy.

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